Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Peaches at the Cockpit and a record deal !

Sold out show tonight. Lot's of families. It's the first time I had parents take photos of their kids with me. It was a bit strange. I guess it's a good thing we kept our clothes on.
Andy and Neil from Tough Cookie (UK Label) came out with the contract ready to sign. So we signed it after the show, using Johnny Lonely from Orson as our witness. It's the first record deal I have ever had and I didn't realize you needed a witness when you sign the contract. It's funny, you play music for so many years and dream of signing a deal. Then when it finally happens, it is no big deal.
It seems like the longer you wait for something, some of the power is gone, by the time you reach your goal. Really, it was no different than signing a deposit slip at the bank.

Today we are in Leeds. It's a day off. Tonight we are going to see Peaches at The Cockpit.
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