Wednesday, May 30, 2007

An evening at the Greek with Ray Cooper

Last night we were invited to see Arcade Fire with bigshot Ray Cooper ;-)
aka ex president of Virgin Records...
Fun times...I am not sure what I like more...The walk up to the Greek or the actual show..One thing's for sure. I have never been to any other venue that smells more like pot than the greek...Everytime....Not just last night. I have a suspicion they grow it up there.. Maybe I'll take the back entrance next time.
I was really into the visuals on stage and that guy can sing...It was fun.
If I loved dairy and meatballs it would have been a perfect night.

I have decided to stop spending money. But if anybody needs to get rid of an Eames shell chair with an eiffel tower rocking base, please leave your number and I will love you long time..
As always,
Yours truly....Victoria !
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