Friday, June 29, 2007

Condoms @ GLISS shows !!!

i have found that condoms @ GLISS shows are mandatory. our amazing visual artists king pin = The Anteater Mongoloid was attacked last night @ our Roxy show. now mind you, this was just after we played. gear was moved to the VIP area and BAM !!!!
Two young sweet mama's came bouncing in....boing ....boing.....boing..."hi guys".......
they were quite forward and all over us. next thing we know. The Mongoloid is making out with both young dears right there in front of the world. we were smiling from east to west. well done mongo !! well done !!!

in the event of such a lovely experience we highly recommend 1) accepting oral in the back seat of any car and/or bathroom or 2) grabbing some condoms @ Turners Liquor and banging the fuck out of them. mutual consent of course. a polite text indicating your needs is always encouraged. so next time you are at a GLISS show and these non-cirmcumsized events fall into your now know what to do.

safe journeys

to infinity and beyond !!!


Currently watching :

Better Sex Kits: The Art of Oral Loving! Complete Oral Sex Guide
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Thursday, June 28, 2007

early show tonight!

so we got an early show tonight at the roxy with our lovely friends monsters are waiting. we go on a 9:15, the reason it is so early is because i HAVE to be home in time to watch the premier of the new Paula Abdul reality show on bravo. i think that i will be able to just make it. after the airing we are going to have "forever your girl" dance party, cause i was into her early stuff WAY before she sold out and went all commercial. hope to see you tonight!

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5 things I want in July

1. New hair color
2. A Pola Kirei facial
3. Play golf at least once
4. Chanel Le Vernis Limited Edition
5. "A Moveable Feast" by Ernest Hemingway

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Gliss supporting Smashing Pumpkins !!!

well well .....

good morning all.
it is warming up more and more each day. the summer is cliimbing into our year.
much thanks is in order to our friends and fans. THANK YOU !!!
everyone has been so helpful and supportive. we'd be nowhere without you.
we are performing @ the Roxy Theate in LA this thursday June 28 w/ Monsters are waiting, Meho Plaza, David Lovering (the Pixies) and an acousic set from Mellowdrone.
this is quite a bill of talent and friends. hope to see you there.

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we also have a very exciting show to announce


@ Orange Peel
July 5th
Asheville, North Carolina
S O L D - O U T !!

** i am enjoying intenet radio very much !!!
i can find all sorts of international shows, jazz, etc.....check it out
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Monday, June 25, 2007

its how I roll

i started rolling my own cigies from being out in the UK so much. cigarettes are $12 a pack out there so most people roll their own, and once you get used to the fresh taste of them its hard to go back to the additives and cotton taste of the store bought brands. i recommend the bali shag blue pouch, those Danish folks sure know how to make quality tasting cancer.


1. Spread the tobacco out on the rolling surface into a rough shape of the finished product.
2. Take your rolling paper and rest it with the crease between your thumb and middle finger then rest your index finger in the crease to hold the paper down on whichever hand you feel most comfortable. Use the other hand to make any adjustments needed in order to make the paper look like a half pipe.
3. Then using the free hand begin at one end of the pile and delicately place the tobacco on the paper starting with the end you are holding it with. Progressively transfer the rest of the pile from the rolling surface to the paper. If needed, even out the tobacco along the paper to make it consistent.
4. Then take a hold of the paper with the other hand again resting it between your middle and thumb. Remove the index finger that was on your primary holding hand. The paper is now resting between the index and thumb of both hands with the tobacco evenly spread, except for where your index finger was.
5. Position the middle fingers so they roughly form a straight line from one end to the other. The thumbs should be holding the unrolled cigarette so it is positioned a little bit to the underside of the middle fingers. The contour of the fingers should initiate the shape of the cigarette
6. Now using the thumbs, begin rolling the cigarette between your thumb and middle fingers. While doing this, gradually apply pressure towards the ends of the cigarette by trying to make your thumbs and middle fingers parallel.
7. After the tobacco has been essentially molded into its proper shape, pull your thumbs downward to have the edge of the paper align with the top of the tobacco.
8. Increase the pressure applied by the thumbs while moving the middle fingers upward and complete the preliminary rotation without creasing the bottom edge of the paper. The front edge of the paper should tuck snugly behind the week as you begin to roll.
9. Complete the roll until the edge with glue remains. Apply a streak of saliva using the tongue. Seal the cigarette by applying even pressure without making any bends in the paper. Some smokers prefer to lightly twist each end of the cigarette. This will prevent the tobacco from falling out of a poorly packed cigarette.
10. If a filter is preferred, cut a rectangle out of soft cardboard. Make two creases in opposite directions at the end of one side of the cardboard to make it like an N. This will create something to roll around in addition to trapping any tobacco that may come loose.
11. The filter should be rolled a little smaller than the end of the cigarette so it is easily inserted. Once the cigarette is lit the heat from the smoke will expand the filter to a snug fit.
12. Apply any packing to the cigarette if it is needed.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

back home....

We are back home. As you all know, if you read our blog, we went to San Francisco on friday with our friends Moderates. It was wild. I was surprised to see that many people show up. I know a lot of you are planning to come out on the 15th, so we are looking forward to that. Loading our cars in the alley was the most interesting thing. We got offered a lot of help with packing the right way, by a few homeless people. They were aggresively helpful :-)
This older prostitute kept standing right next to us talking to her "baby". Her baby was a rat in the street. Finally she got tired of that and pulled out a bag of crack. The other prostitutes were a lot yonger, and really hot. Probably the healthiest looking ones I have ever seen.
After the show we went to our friend's place. She had a huge afterparty, that went to like 6 in the morning. Then around 11 am we drove back to LA, to go play in Long Beach.
Of other exciting stuff, we have some out of town shows in the works. But I will let someone else write about that next week. Stay tuned!!!!
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KISSING THE BLVD on KROQ !! ........Request it !!

Hey hey lovely friends !!

KROQ 106.7fm is playing "KISSING THE BLVD" by G L I S S tonite !!

between 9-10pm on LOCALS ONLY KROQ.

Please request "KISSING THE BLVD" - call the request line at 1-800-520-1067
or request in the MUSIC link at

have a great day

we love you


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Thursday, June 21, 2007

GLISS on Indie 103 - request today !

INDIE 103 is spinning

the GLISS cover of Rhinoceros by Smashing Pumpkins

call in or email to request !!! and the phone number to request it is 877.900.1031
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getting it on

here are two of twenty tips for happiness i found in TIME magazine:

Hear the Music
Whether regarded as an evolutionary accident that piggybacked on language or as the gateway to our emotions, music activates parts of the brain that can trigger happiness, releasing endorphins similar to the ways that sex and food do. Music can also relax the body, sometimes into sleep as it stimulates the brain's release of melatonin. A study of older adults who listened to their choice of music during outpatient eye surgery showed that they had significantly lower heart rates and blood pressure, and their hearts did not work as hard as those who underwent surgery without music. A second study, of patients undergoing colonoscopy, showed that listening to their selection of music reduced their anxiety levels and lessened the dosage required for sedation.

Snog. Canoodle. Get It On.
It's no secret that a roll in the hay, and all that leads up to it, feels good. Endorphins are the neurotransmitters in your brain that reduce pain and, in the absence of pain, can induce euphoria. A rush of such chemicals might seem like a temporary solution to a dreary day, but there are added benefits, not the least of which is expressing affection and strengthening the bonds of a relationship. Oxytocin is released by the pituitary gland upon orgasm; often referred to as the "hormone of love" or the "cuddle chemical," it is associated with feelings of bonding and trust, and can even reduce stress.

so yeah: sex, drugs, and rock and roll - wine, women, and song!!

You have homework tonight; get together with your other and get it on listening to some GLISS, it will make your life better!

ready.... break

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I decided to take almost a whole day off from everything, so I went to West Hollywood and got a facial and a massage. It was amazing.. I could live there.
Tonight we had rehearsal. First one in maybe 2 weeks, so it felt pretty good. Worked on a few new things. And I am actually on guitar on one of them. People always ask me why I don't play guitar. So...Now I do. I am just sitting at home shredding along to Trilogy by Yngwie..Yeah .... ;-/
To be completely honest. I used to listen to that album. Back then I was into prog. rock and did practice 8 hours a day and worshipped people like John Myung of Dream Theater and Mike Mangini who played on Fire Garden Suite.
Those were the good times.The good innocent times..
Tomorrow I am meeting with a friend downtown at some restaurant. Looking forward to it. And tomorrow night I am partying at Lacma. Come join me !

Much love............Victoria
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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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waking up to lovely LA - wow - it's an amazing day !
the sun is shining the birds are chirping and i am having a proper cup.
just met up with some friends and am ready for another day.
crazy.....qwua qwua .........crazy
i talk in my sleep...i have walked into the hallway of the building completely NAKED in my sleep - i guess that helped me feel so comfortable in england.
make it a good one - it could be the last one

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is coming to San Francisco this friday...

June 22
10pm 21 + up
w/ our lovely friends Moderates

June 23
in Long beach, CA
w/ Repeater and more
21 + up

June 28
in beautiful Los Angeles, CA
w/ our homies Monsters Are Waiting,
Meho Plaza, Mellowdrone and Dave from the PIXIES !!

Smashing Pumpkins covers cd this friday...pick up a copy - Featuring: Gliss, Ben Kweller & more.....

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Monday, June 18, 2007


Absinthe is now legal in the US for the first time since 1912! background: first came out in france in 1805 to take after a meal to aid in digestion. it became hip in the 1880s when france's wine production was hit by some crop disease. 10 years later when the wine industry recovered, everyone was drinking absinthe and the wine producers had to do something to solve their economic problems. so they demonized absinthe and said that it had hallucinogenic properties, which unfortunately it does not have, and im sure it did not hurt the cause that van Gogh cut off his ear under its influence, and author paul verlaine shot his friend arthur rimbaud after drinking a large glass of it. so this absinthe historian and a lawyer teamed up to overturn the ban in the US and they found that; "At the end of the day, modern science concluded that the only real problem with absinthe is abusing it, just like any other alcohol. And at 120 to 150 proof, there's the potential for problems." this US absinthe is called Lucid and as far as i know is only available at some shops and bars in new york. so drink up ! and follow the green fairy to new creative heights!!

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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Thursday with Alexandra Grant

I went to Moca on thursday with my friend Taylor. We only had enough change for the meter to park for 1 1/2 hours, so we ran through the exhibit, just to be able to spend most of the time at the Moca store. Dangerous place, btw...
If you get a chance to check out the work of Alexandra Grant I would recommend it, she transforms chosen texts into patterns of color, shape, and form. Her collaborations with Michael Joyce, the renowned hyperfiction writer, and the writings of theorist, novelist, and academic Hélène Cixous inspired Grant to create The Ladder Quartet, a series of four large-scale drawings that become wordscapes or landscapes of language.

Enjoy your weekend ;-)

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Pulp Fiction !

Pulp Fiction set the standard for killer cinema in the 90's for sure......Grind House was pretty damn excellent, as well. i had some good laughs going through this batch of goodies. one of my friends Elver has not seen either. i put him on a strict Tarentino diet this weekend. he is rocking Pulp Fiction tonite. i am looking forward to his report on my desk come monday. when he went to rent it @ blockbuster, he said the cashier could not believe he has not seen it yet. they had to ring the alarm and point him out the other folks looking for a cool flick. i think he now realizes where he stands in the world. we both came to the agreement, that after he watched Pulp Fiction, we could finally call him a man, in the truest meaning...ready to take on the world, fight crime and fuck !

I am still waiting for Tarentino to cast Chloe that how it's spelled ???? ahhh
oh well, she rules and he needs to put her ass in a flick. hopefully his next masterpiece will include her. the sun is shining brightly here in L.A. & as Darker My Love sings "Summers Here" !!! officially scorching on the west coast. we have another show just added to S.F. on July 15th @ the Make Out Room. Victor - the promoter hooked us up today and we are looking forward to making another venture to "the city".

keep the dream alive !!
i want that one
bitty bitty......

- martin
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Thursday, June 14, 2007

stupid crack heads

do you or anybody you know gonna upgrade to the iPhone?? or have you already upgraded to the video ipod and have an old one laying around?? the reason why i am asking is because i got my window smashed out of the car a few days ago in broad daylight right outside my front window and i couldnt for the life of me figure out why. i had just finished detailing the thing so i KNEW there was nothing inside to steal. i NEVER leave my ipod in the car, not even when im just going into the store real quick, what am i and idiot! but alas, that night when i was getting ready to go to bed i was looking for my ipod cause i listen to audio books with the sleep timer on while i crash out, and i couldnt find it anywhere. that is when i put 2 and 2 together and realized that i MUST have left it in the car. ARRRRRRG!!!!! SO... can i get your old ipod? (doesnt hurt to ask does it?) so moral of the story: stay vigilant cause you never know when a desperate crack head is going to smash and steal your shit to get his next fix... yeah, no duh

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Benjamins slipping through my fingers...

What new.....hmm... Yesterday we drove all the way out to Long Beach to have our friend Matty film us for a thing for the label. Then I spent some time trying to get the attention of a missing manager, he's now back in action. Today I met up with an old friend I haven't seen for about 10 years. We used to go to a music school together in Denmark, and both ended up here..
Later in the afternoon I had an audition as an actor ! It just kind of happened. I thought I was going there to play bass...
I did have an exciting moment this afternoon:
We got our first check from a label EVER! - And it went straight to the publicist. That's reality kids. I know a lot of you think we are all about the Benjamins and the bling........And we are!

Tomorrow a trip to MOCA and dinner with management.

Much respect sisters !
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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The good times ahead - The Roxy Theatre

The Roxy Theatre - June 28th
"this legendary venue has seen the likes of every great band to have ever touched U.S. soil".
wow - how is that for a lead in ?? june 28th GLISS will be joining our friends Monsters Are Waiting, Mellodrone and Meho Plaza. Dave from The Pixies is a special surprise for you all and myself included. tickets are available now through ticketmaster !!!
i believe Bob Marley rolled one up at this lovely venue back in the day. jammin ' jammin '...... ......... good stuff
i just got this cool friend request from a guy in france. his tunes were rocking like early oasis. damn -- all recorded on his computer at home. welcome to the future kids.. i guess you can spend a shit load of money in a big studio or just make your neighbors hate you buy plugging in your fender/orange/marshall cabinets, ampeg 8x8 and thrust 26 inch kick drums and make the magic for pennies. i think the cribs rocked their shit at home. 4 tracks are great too for recording. i like sending the drums through mine and sending them into the red !!! BOOM BOOOOOOM !!!! !! that reminds me of my friend henrik in denmark. "hi henrik" !!! hope you are well. we had a great conversation regarding bass - heavy bass, that is. the low end is your friend.
going to rock in s.f. in about a week @ edinburgh castle w/ Moderates, my sweet homies....woo hoo !!
i am heading out to shoot a little epk now. so you have a good day. tie your shoes or slip into them and remember to love yourself

- martin
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Sunday, June 10, 2007

HA ! : hate mail

the following is some hate mail we have received followed by the senders myspace URL... good stuff, have fun!!


Your "rhinoceros" version is beyond poop shit please pick something else to cover by SP please dont touch anything from the album "gish" 'cuz that album is divine. You posers just turn a divine song into a shit like your band. You moronic idiots should be ashamed, mutilate yourselves to death, eat your own body parts, shit it and eat again.

You guys are really gay. I mean really, really gay. Then again, you are probably just doing this for money, because no one with an IQ high enough to play an instrument would make this music because they like it. Well I guess you fooled alot of dumb kids. Congrats.


only suckers belive in love

do you guys even LIKE the pumpkins? if you do, you could have fooled me with your AWFUL cover of Rhinocerous. thanks for ruining an otherwise great song.

fuck u pussys you eat my ass
so stop crying about it and use some syrup

ps: thanks for ALL the love we have been recieving from the rest of you! we appreciate it and we believe in it, cheers!!
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Saturday, June 9, 2007

fire on the bridge !

we rolled over the bridge in SF that had just been rebuilt, due to a fire from a vehicle explosion. kablaaamo !!!!
we are in las vegas today. just rocked out in reno last night. much love to maren and our new lovely amazing friends. we had a blast. had a 7 hour drive from reno to las vegas today. i hear that is record time. most peeps take about 8-10 hours. we were flying about 85mph the entire way. no tickets thank god and corgie. anyhoot. heading to sound check in about an hour. our uber duper friend naomi rocked us hard in vegas. we are very happy and yeah yeah yeah too !! i am pretty spaced out. had about 3-4 hours sleep last nite. jumped in the shower and heading out. i don't remember alot -- plenty of hills and desert greens. if ya got it smoke it.
moving right along......we will be back in san fransisco on june 22 @ edinburgh castle...swinging from the vines back down to long beach on june 23. zip zam !
mucho love to b.c. for having us on the pumpkins covers album and big love to all of the fans reaching out !! we love u

"the sun only shines, when you open your eyes"

- martin
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Vegas baby....

It's saturday night and we just arrived...We have been driving all day. Not sure when we are playing tonight, but pretty sure we'll have fun.
Not much to tell from todays trip. All we saw was mountains and sand...oh...and a clown-motel. A bit creepy. We might stay there next time, just for fun.
Well...Gotta go to sound check.
much love to Thatcher......

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Friday, June 8, 2007

my pipe broke

so not much to tell... spent the day driving up to San Fransisco even though we knew our show was canceled at bottom of the hill due to a freak pipe bursting and subsequent flooding of the venue.... gaaaawd DAMMIT!!! we were all so looking forward to playing this spot, our first time up in SF and i hear it is a cool venue to do.... oh well next time gadget.... next time. tomorrow over to reno to rock club underground and then off to vegas baby! now its time for some red wine and entourage that marty and victoria missed.... yeah!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Getting ready for a road trip

Wednesday night and I need to get my things together for our little road trip. We are leaving for SF tomorrow morning. We just found out there's a flood at the venue. So we are now looking for another venue....Or a ship of some sort..
We once did a show on a ship in West Virginia. It was raining and really cold. The whole stage was wet. But nobody got electricuted.
Just got some excellent gifts this week.."The death of Ivan Ilych" , " The Kreutzer Sonata" and "hadji Murad" by Tolstoy.... Should be enough to entertain me the next few days. Although I am reading two other books at the moment. I used to not begin a new book until I finished the one I was reading. But there are too many amazing books. And my mind is all over the place...Now I am reading Chesterton and a book abouth Zelda Fitzgerald. LOVE IT !!!
My friend Lex, also mentioned in my last blog, wants me to read an author that's not dead...hmmmm....
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Monday, June 4, 2007

a few of my favorite things

books: tom robbins; fierce invalids home from hot climates, christopher moore; a dirty job, you suck: a love story, douglas coupland; micro serfs, generation x, reading jpod now, michael chabon; wonder boys, kavalier and clay, james ellroy; anything by him i just love the la noir crime dramas, neal stephenson; snow crash, cryptonomicon

tv: entourage, the wire, weeds, dexter, BSG (only one more season!), the office, extras, veronica mars, house, ugly betty (shut up! its entertaining), daily show, colbert report

movies: havent really been that into them lately but did like; pan's labyrinth, the queen, the departed, blood diamond, half nelson, children of men, the good shepherd, stranger than fiction, the science of sleep, everything is illuminated

new music: the good the bad and the queen, of montreal, lcd soundsystem, klaxons, peter, bjorn and john, shout out louds, the shins,

misc: riding my bike, short walks to the bar, dark rum, black coffee, apple juice in the morning, green onions, meat, burgers, hot showers, good food, good company, stimulating conversation, not having to drive somewhere,

so what are you into? i wanna know

stay tuned for things i hate

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Saturday, June 2, 2007

west coast shows

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friday i'm in love

oh yes.... here we are ....ahhhhhh friday.

i was driving yesterday and the Cure came on the radio. do they have a million catchy songs or what ??? amazing. one of my fav albums of theirs is - Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me.
it's like a double album with a giant eye on the cover with red and orange stuff all over the place. whenever i listen to this record...i sink into a lovely state. mmmm. "this is incredible", i say to myself. the Cure is one of my fav bands ever. i have enjoyed and played most of their albums to death. i highly recommend also Head on the Door. this another fav Cure album for me. it's funny i have seen reviews on re-issues on some of the Cure albums i love and they didn't score as many stars as others, but whatever. it's not about that for me. they have a sound that is quite distinct. as does Bjork. you just know is is them. and they are very special artists. just had a proper cup of tea. gonna jump in the shower and get going. some dude is hammering outside, so i am more than happy to start my day elsewhere. construction is very cool, just not early in the morning.
i can't wait til they finish the house they are working on. much love always. maybe i'll c u @ el cid tonite.

- martin
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Partying with Moderates & an awesome photo link

It was a giant party last night with Moderates. No need to be mad at Jesse !
We did an EP release party with them. It's their first cd and you should check it out. The artwork was done by a homeless guy and it's rad.
It was nice seeing a lot of friends in one place, and to finally meet Lex's family. Thanks Lex !! No, just kidding...Lex never introduced me. I am not worthy.

Stayed up most of the night. Today I am so spaced out. As I am writing this I catch myself typing the same word three times in a row..

I better do a serious spell check before I post this one.
I will upload some pictures from last night later tonight.

Until then, check out this link for some pretty amazing pix, you won't regret it:

Have a great weekend ;-)

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