Sunday, June 24, 2007

back home....

We are back home. As you all know, if you read our blog, we went to San Francisco on friday with our friends Moderates. It was wild. I was surprised to see that many people show up. I know a lot of you are planning to come out on the 15th, so we are looking forward to that. Loading our cars in the alley was the most interesting thing. We got offered a lot of help with packing the right way, by a few homeless people. They were aggresively helpful :-)
This older prostitute kept standing right next to us talking to her "baby". Her baby was a rat in the street. Finally she got tired of that and pulled out a bag of crack. The other prostitutes were a lot yonger, and really hot. Probably the healthiest looking ones I have ever seen.
After the show we went to our friend's place. She had a huge afterparty, that went to like 6 in the morning. Then around 11 am we drove back to LA, to go play in Long Beach.
Of other exciting stuff, we have some out of town shows in the works. But I will let someone else write about that next week. Stay tuned!!!!
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