Monday, June 4, 2007

a few of my favorite things

books: tom robbins; fierce invalids home from hot climates, christopher moore; a dirty job, you suck: a love story, douglas coupland; micro serfs, generation x, reading jpod now, michael chabon; wonder boys, kavalier and clay, james ellroy; anything by him i just love the la noir crime dramas, neal stephenson; snow crash, cryptonomicon

tv: entourage, the wire, weeds, dexter, BSG (only one more season!), the office, extras, veronica mars, house, ugly betty (shut up! its entertaining), daily show, colbert report

movies: havent really been that into them lately but did like; pan's labyrinth, the queen, the departed, blood diamond, half nelson, children of men, the good shepherd, stranger than fiction, the science of sleep, everything is illuminated

new music: the good the bad and the queen, of montreal, lcd soundsystem, klaxons, peter, bjorn and john, shout out louds, the shins,

misc: riding my bike, short walks to the bar, dark rum, black coffee, apple juice in the morning, green onions, meat, burgers, hot showers, good food, good company, stimulating conversation, not having to drive somewhere,

so what are you into? i wanna know

stay tuned for things i hate

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Blogger Sandy said...

I am totally into the great outdoors. I appreciate good weather while it's in season (no pun intended).

I love the smell of rain after it has been dry for a few days, and the glistening of the morning dew on flowers.

I love my cats. They are such characters.

I read the Bible daily, and really love my relationship with the Lord.

I like trying new foods and visiting new places and meeting new people. Really good sushi cannot be beat, although I must admit that a good steak cooked just right can definitely hit the spot.

June 7, 2007 at 12:48 PM  

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