Thursday, June 21, 2007


I decided to take almost a whole day off from everything, so I went to West Hollywood and got a facial and a massage. It was amazing.. I could live there.
Tonight we had rehearsal. First one in maybe 2 weeks, so it felt pretty good. Worked on a few new things. And I am actually on guitar on one of them. People always ask me why I don't play guitar. So...Now I do. I am just sitting at home shredding along to Trilogy by Yngwie..Yeah .... ;-/
To be completely honest. I used to listen to that album. Back then I was into prog. rock and did practice 8 hours a day and worshipped people like John Myung of Dream Theater and Mike Mangini who played on Fire Garden Suite.
Those were the good times.The good innocent times..
Tomorrow I am meeting with a friend downtown at some restaurant. Looking forward to it. And tomorrow night I am partying at Lacma. Come join me !

Much love............Victoria
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