Saturday, June 2, 2007

friday i'm in love

oh yes.... here we are ....ahhhhhh friday.

i was driving yesterday and the Cure came on the radio. do they have a million catchy songs or what ??? amazing. one of my fav albums of theirs is - Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me.
it's like a double album with a giant eye on the cover with red and orange stuff all over the place. whenever i listen to this record...i sink into a lovely state. mmmm. "this is incredible", i say to myself. the Cure is one of my fav bands ever. i have enjoyed and played most of their albums to death. i highly recommend also Head on the Door. this another fav Cure album for me. it's funny i have seen reviews on re-issues on some of the Cure albums i love and they didn't score as many stars as others, but whatever. it's not about that for me. they have a sound that is quite distinct. as does Bjork. you just know is is them. and they are very special artists. just had a proper cup of tea. gonna jump in the shower and get going. some dude is hammering outside, so i am more than happy to start my day elsewhere. construction is very cool, just not early in the morning.
i can't wait til they finish the house they are working on. much love always. maybe i'll c u @ el cid tonite.

- martin
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