Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The good times ahead - The Roxy Theatre

The Roxy Theatre - June 28th
"this legendary venue has seen the likes of every great band to have ever touched U.S. soil".
wow - how is that for a lead in ?? june 28th GLISS will be joining our friends Monsters Are Waiting, Mellodrone and Meho Plaza. Dave from The Pixies is a special surprise for you all and myself included. tickets are available now through ticketmaster !!!
i believe Bob Marley rolled one up at this lovely venue back in the day. jammin ' jammin '...... ......... good stuff
i just got this cool friend request from a guy in france. his tunes were rocking like early oasis. damn -- all recorded on his computer at home. welcome to the future kids.. i guess you can spend a shit load of money in a big studio or just make your neighbors hate you buy plugging in your fender/orange/marshall cabinets, ampeg 8x8 and thrust 26 inch kick drums and make the magic for pennies. i think the cribs rocked their shit at home. 4 tracks are great too for recording. i like sending the drums through mine and sending them into the red !!! BOOM BOOOOOOM !!!! heavy...wow...heavy !! that reminds me of my friend henrik in denmark. "hi henrik" !!! hope you are well. we had a great conversation regarding bass - heavy bass, that is. the low end is your friend.
going to rock in s.f. in about a week @ edinburgh castle w/ Moderates, my sweet homies....woo hoo !!
i am heading out to shoot a little epk now. so you have a good day. tie your shoes or slip into them and remember to love yourself

- martin
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