Sunday, June 10, 2007

HA ! : hate mail

the following is some hate mail we have received followed by the senders myspace URL... good stuff, have fun!!


Your "rhinoceros" version is beyond poop shit please pick something else to cover by SP please dont touch anything from the album "gish" 'cuz that album is divine. You posers just turn a divine song into a shit like your band. You moronic idiots should be ashamed, mutilate yourselves to death, eat your own body parts, shit it and eat again.

You guys are really gay. I mean really, really gay. Then again, you are probably just doing this for money, because no one with an IQ high enough to play an instrument would make this music because they like it. Well I guess you fooled alot of dumb kids. Congrats.


only suckers belive in love

do you guys even LIKE the pumpkins? if you do, you could have fooled me with your AWFUL cover of Rhinocerous. thanks for ruining an otherwise great song.

fuck u pussys you eat my ass
so stop crying about it and use some syrup

ps: thanks for ALL the love we have been recieving from the rest of you! we appreciate it and we believe in it, cheers!!
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Blogger underyourskin said...

Hell!!.. with what they think!
Your songs are great, I love them.. and I had heard them like 10 minutes ago....
Keep going...XD
Bye :*

June 11, 2007 at 7:28 PM  

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