Saturday, June 2, 2007

Partying with Moderates & an awesome photo link

It was a giant party last night with Moderates. No need to be mad at Jesse !
We did an EP release party with them. It's their first cd and you should check it out. The artwork was done by a homeless guy and it's rad.
It was nice seeing a lot of friends in one place, and to finally meet Lex's family. Thanks Lex !! No, just kidding...Lex never introduced me. I am not worthy.

Stayed up most of the night. Today I am so spaced out. As I am writing this I catch myself typing the same word three times in a row..

I better do a serious spell check before I post this one.
I will upload some pictures from last night later tonight.

Until then, check out this link for some pretty amazing pix, you won't regret it:

Have a great weekend ;-)

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