Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A looong day travelling....

We just got to our hotel in Charlotte, NC. It was a pretty long day. But not as long as the drive in the shuttle from the airport to the hotel. A group of drunk teenagers who had just been to Costa Rica filled the bus. I know a lot about them, just from the ride. Way more than I want to know. The best part was that one of the guys had a bad fake spanish accent, and kept talking about his friend Ricardo. He must have said "Ricardo" 50 times with his fake accent. I wanted to fuck with him so bad, but was too tired. They are staying at the same hotel as we are, and when we got to the hotel, I was first in line, but the older woman travelling with them, also known as Senorita, cut in front of me, and when I started complaining to her, she started coughing. So I made sarcastic comments instead, and every time she would cough. I wanted to yell at her really bad, or at least call her "ugly fat bitch", but my band mates calmed me down :-)
As if that wasn't enough, one of the people at the front desk was a total jerk. He refused to check me in. I have no idea why. He knew I was there first, but instead of helping me, he was just leaning up against the wall, smiling. You know, that smile that says "yeah, I am the shit, I am in control of this hotel, I am a loser with a nightshift"
(That doesn't mean everybody with a nightshift is an idiot !!)
The room has flies.....
They also never answer the phone. We tried calling for a shuttle for like 30 minutes. Maybe you have better luck...The number is 704-393-5306. For a fun time, ask for the nightshift shuttle driver :-)

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