Sunday, July 29, 2007

love notes

man oh man, what a fun show at vertigos! that place ROCKS! the crowd there defiantly knows how to have a good time, they just let the music take control and they let the rhythm move them. Thanks so much to the lovely Lina for all of her hard work and for making the night so amazing. when i got to my car after the place closed down, people had written all over the windows with their fingers hearts and messages telling us how much the liked the show. and then i thought i had gotten a ticket, but some one else had slipped paper under the windshield wiper saying great set, sounded awesome see you at the viper room. i guess some people saw us all chillin out in the car after sound check. i just thought it was cool to get feedback like that. thats what its all about; getting up there and bringin it every single time- playing your guts out, connecting with people and making their night through music, cause that makes mine. so if you are in a band you should defiantly play this venue and if you are not you should defiantly go to have a good time, dance your ass off, and listen to some good music.


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Blogger Chris von Luckner said...

Great music - I love it! When will you come to Germany?

Regards, Chris.
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July 30, 2007 at 2:24 PM  

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