Monday, July 23, 2007

red assed beat down

so i just played some guitar hero for the first time tonight. its pretty fun, but i gotta admit, i... i suck at it! i rock that shit on the easy setting to songs i know, but i bump it up to medium and i get jacked every time. i am rubbish at most of these modern console game and plus i think i missed out on the top 40 pop songs that EVERY body knows, they just never register in my subconsciousness, i guess. for example: i swear ive never heard most of the songs sung on american idol unless its like a nina simone or ella fitzgerald and i never know the songs everyone sings along to at karaoke. maybe im just making excuses for getting my ass handed to me by a kid that goes by the name of ROOKIE. it is probably my fault for selling him my old acoustic guitar back in the day when he said he wanted to pick it up and give it ago. i dont think he ever really played it much but i guess he picked up enough to KICK MY ASS AT GUITAR HERO!!!!! arggg. next time rookie i am going to shred the pants off you. im going to go to the local arcade and practice a couple hours a day for a week straight with the kids and learn their chops. you're going down!

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