Wednesday, July 11, 2007

schooled in pool

It has been a busy week. Getting the final artwork together and catching shows around town.
Last night would have to be my favourite. Moderates were playing at Silverlake Lounge and it is the best set I have ever seen them play. They were crazy tight and the sound was amazing. I was lucky to get a seat up front. (Moderates: I know you fuckers read this, so next time you better play Attraction !)
After their show we all went to The White Horse in Hollywood to say goodbuy to Naomi. Poor thing is going to Europe to a bunch of Festivals - for 2 months ! Marty, Sarah, Jake and I ended up playing pool. About 20 minutes in to the game, Jake and I still had 7 balls on the table. We lost... But next time we'll win :-)
Has anybody seen the Marc Jacobs fall collection? If so, are you as obsessed as I ?

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