Monday, July 9, 2007

you gotta start

man! you have got to start watching flight of the concords. its about these two new zealand blokes called bret and gemaine who are in a band together. their manager is this travel agent who can never get them any gigs and they have one crazy obsessive fan. they break out into funny songs and get themselves into crazy situations. picture ricky gervais and sarah silverman starting a band together. the show is so funny and keeps getting better and better every week! so check it out. entourage was finally good again last night too. is it just me or has it been lagging the past few weeks? ive started watching that john from cincinatti since these 3 shows are all on HBO back to back. its pretty good and trippy, a lot of weird stuff is going on but you dont really know what or why. Ed O'Neill (married with children) is probably my favorite in it. he is this old guy who is always talking and shouting to his bird, getting messages from him. anyways, so that is what i did last night. that and nursed a hangover from saturday night. my friend JB came over and we got out our crocheting, popped some corn, put our feet up, and watched our stories. oh yeah we also got played on KROQ again so CLICK then click on kroq music and request away. lets get some gliss into heavy rotation so i can buy a new tv, mine is a piece of crap!


ps. our new album cover

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