Friday, August 31, 2007

One in the hand....Two in the bush

so it goes...

it is so mucher more real. like totally cohesive bro....ya know ??
if you have a grasp, don't let go.
over over there....the rock n roll swindle...
take the money and run

it is a holiday weekend.....

have fun....

do what feels good






- martin
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Thursday, August 30, 2007

summertime in the LBC

i just love the warm summer evenings, its so nice to go out for a walk and cool off after a long hot day. a couple nights ago there was an amazing full moon so i grabbed my camera to try and get some cool night shots in the LBC.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

there is this park near me that has an old bandstand type of building that got wrecked awhile back by a huge tree that fell over. i always thought it looked cool, in a kinda sad way. its not like it was ever used for public events in the park, but it still had a potential for some great things.

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so then i ended up down by the bluffs on ocean and while i was at the park i kept hearing all these car horns honking. turns out, there was a candle lit, anit-war protest/peace vigil where people would take turns reading out a day by day tally of how many solders died that particular day and the cities that they were from. every single day had anywhere from 3 to 40 listed. i am sure it took them all night to read it all, it was pretty crazy and moving.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

anways.... like i said before, we have got some really exciting news that you will all find out about in the next day or two. im really dieing to tell you all about it, but since i have to wait i decided to do this little photo blog instead.

awwwwwww yeah! shit is ON!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Greek Theatre & Malibu

I spent the last 2 nights at the Greek. Last night Joss Stone and tonight Crowded House. Crowded House was so amazing. One of the best shows I have seen in a while. And I had a serious conversation with Xander from Run Run Run about "row row row your boat". I can't talk about it, it was a secret he let me in on..
Earlier today I went to Malibu to chill out. What better place to relax.. I went to the store and got groceries, pretending I was in Entourage. It was fun. I was Turtle.

Let me let you in on a little secret: Best eye cream in the world= Sjal

Goodnight ;-)

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Nothing Shocking



gone !!!!

seems the more we go through life, the more we enter new experiences and at some point have to walk away from them to find newer experiences. some times this can be scary and feel out of control. after time we cross new ground and new inspiration. i go through this all the time. if you are going through a time in your life that is intense, unfamiliar...... try and let go.

looking inside, looking outside and pulling togther. hang on to your friends. stay close and stay gold !

the band is gearing up for our tour and we have been also working on new songs. it has been really fun and funny. trying to play this keyboard part while drumming and singing....i was all over the keys the other day. we were smiling.
i have been digging the recordings of wolf parade. if you haven't heard them, go check em out. cool vibe and great drumming. the thing with working on new songs is kinda what i was mentioning. i like to show up and try try try to just let it happen. space out and see what happens....let go. when i am up against the wall...i just fall..........some sorta thing out there reminds i am one in the game...

- martin
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Monday, August 27, 2007


Some sad news i received when i got home today about Owen Wilson, who apparently tried to commit suicide over the weekend by downing a bunch of pills and slashing his wrist. I can not help but be reminded of his brother's scene in royal tennenbaums with the elliot smith song in the background. why does it seem odd that an insanely successful comedian would go and do something like this to themselves. we just always see that happy face and that goofy persona. it must be a hard act to keep up, especially if you are going through the shit and are always expected to be 'on.' our thoughts are with you, and we wish you the best.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007


The cool thing about not watching tv is you miss out on shows like Sopranos. Then by the time you realize you are missing out on something cool, you can go rent the whole thing. That's what I did. Every night this week I did 2 things:

1. Programmed a million things on Reason

2. Watched Sopranos

I am on the 4th season now.

Tonight we are practicing and later on, my friend is playing at Dave Young's Warehouse, downtown. It will be fun, come join me for some heavy music.

I have to make up for not seeing Slayer last night.

Peace !

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Saturday, August 25, 2007


i went down to Mally Malones last night to see my homey marc rock the guitar. unaware until my arrival. i was a week early. ahhhhh !

i actually thought it was fun. it was finally cool weather. the trees are very nice on the west side down by it was ok by me. then i was trying to stay up to see my friend Ferraby Lionheart perform on the Craig Ferguson show, but somehow i missed him. i don't know if the music guest is in the middle of the show or first, but he sure wasn't last - ha.
i will be searching on youtube.

so Victoria Cecelia is in the new SPIN magazine. there is a huge story on Billy Corgan/Smashing Pumpkins and it starts out with an interview with Victoria. it's pretty F******g cool. what a trip.
so if you see the new SPIN w/ Rilo Kiley on the cover. pick it up and read. there is also a great piece on Elliott Smith and some cool other surprises.

i didn't have time to make a cool david doll, so make sure you go back and check the previous blog - Big D Doll - it is my top 3 blogs i have ever seen

we are working on some cool new tracks !! it is really nice to get back into the rehearsal space and write some new songs. i have been taking my time writing at home as well. i like that. makes me feel good to create. we are getting some cool tones and lots of wild feedback from this new fender amp and new 330 with humbuckers. sweeet !!
yup - i am working on a new track " I Smell A Rat"
we also have some other "Out Late", "Somewhere is Heaven", "LOve Songs" "OOOOH Girl", "Color TV", "LOvers in the bathroom", etc.... we have been busy little bee's

been chatting with some cool producers about maybe recording some tracks.

been walking in the cool breeze, feeling life.

- martin
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Thursday, August 23, 2007

From Hemingway to The Big D

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If you didn't know....

Ernest Hemingway was born on 21st July 1899 in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago, Illinois. He was one of six children. His father, Dr Clarence Edmonds Hemingway was a fervent member of the First Congregational church, his mother, Grace Hall, sang in the church choir.

At the age of 17 Hemingway published his first literary work. He died aged 61, of self inflicted gun shot wounds..
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teats and sas

dang... i know i may be a little late to jump on this, but the new tegan and sara is the SHIT!!!! i cant get enough of it. pretty much every song on it is amazing. also been jammin the ratatat remixes vol 2. its the typical dope ass ratatat sounds but with some hip hop heavy weights like jay z, Notorious B.I.G. ect on the top of it. it is slammin fo sho! so do yourself a favor and check these 2 records out. in other news, i got my hair cut from a new guy at a new salon... i hate that shit, they just never get it, do they? so now i am cut real short, i feel like a freshly shorn little lamb. its a good cut i guess... ill just have to give it a couple weeks. other than that, life is good and i am drinking white russians! the dude abides.

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Good day young lads & lad-ettes

The amazing TONY ALVA - world famous trick and star of style in the world of skateboarding is having a blow-out party on Sat - Sept 22nd


1086 South Fairfax Ave, LA CA 90019

sponsors include: KROQ, VANS, Rockstar, Wahoo's

Tony Alva will be the guest D.J.

Open bar & Food

Giveaways !

* Bring a toy valued @ $20.oo or more and receive a raffle ticket for a chance to
win prizes from Alva & vans !

Toys will be given to the CHILDRENS HOSPITAL LOS ANGELES
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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Pissing on yourself DRUNK !

electric warrior vs. slider

- a battle of the fittest -

we'll get back to that in a bit. some dude was puking on some local transportation the other day....a friend of mine was cruising on their way through town and this guy was so hammered by 5pm .... he was wrentched over the back exit spraying tummy juice and bits all over the place. mmmm good. apparently their is a high activity of this in the LA area. i once was walking down Franklin to Western on my way to the famous PINK ELEPHANT liquor store and this dude was passed out in the sun on a bus stop. i'd say it was about 2.30 in the afternoon...scorching HOT. not only this, he drunk little dick was hanging out of his shorts. he was not wearing any underwear from what i could tell. now it gets better. this bus stop is at the corner of two streets, so all of the cars were seeing this in plain daylight as they pulled up to the stop light. ok, there is more. he was so fucking drunk and his little pee-pee cock could not hold back the booze. YES, he was pissing all over himself and the bus stop bench. pee pee going all over the place. i had to stop and laugh with delight. it was amazing. i didn't want to leave, but i had to get my supplies. well when i returned he was still there. but no more pee pee. must have drained the vein.

i sometimes envy those that can be so carefree. my friends tell me it is normal to desire this style of living that usually lands you in the local jail for the weekend. that is the part that i have no interest in. i guess i'd have to grow a big dredded out beard and not take a shower for a week. the cops rarely pick these guys up. it is a waste of time. i recommend this route if you would like to be a weekend bum.

i have met a few bums in pasadena that are quite well off financially. one guy used to be a lawyer and said FUCK IT !!! I QUIT !!

He stuffed all of his earnings into an account with pretty good interest rates and only pulls out like $400 / month. the barber shop on Colorado Blvd cashes his checks for him and he just cruises around on the streets - FREE AS A BIRD !!!

that is more amazing to me than the other bums that lost everything due to crack or smack. this guy isn't even a drinker. just doesn't like to work and have any responsibilities. ahhhhhhhh

you can have a pretty good life in Denmark, even if you are quite lazy. i wish i was a danish citizen .... i think i would have been a good dane.

electric warrior !!

G L I S S "Love the Virgins" - Cordless/Ryko drops on itunes at the end of this month and hits shops around the U.S. late September

much love,

- martin
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Monday, August 20, 2007

mmmm steak

mmmm i am about to cook up a steak. im pan searing it. first i heat up some olive oil, diced garlic, some shallots, green onions, worcestershire sauce and some red wine while i bring my steak down to room temp with a nice rub on it and some of the garlic pressed into it. then i cook that piece medium rare. doing some corn on the cob tonight with a nice salad with the works on it with some goddess dressing from trader joes (best salad dressing ever)that a couple glasses of red wine, a new big love and flight of the concords to watch and im se! sounds like a perfect way to celebrate finishing up all the artwork for the upcoming release! ahhhhhh.... bon appetit!

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

A night in Costa Mesa

We went to Costa Mesa last night to do a show at the Detroit Bar. That's an awesome club. Perfect for a band on tour, as it is right next to a mexican restaurant and a Laundry place. The club itself is great, a few rooms, not just one. AND they have pool..
We played with The Minor Canon and Midnight Movies... cool guys...
Unfortunately I missed the Sunset Junction and my friends partying with Paris Hilton. They made sure to text me a million times. Thanks !

Kings tickets go on sale tomorrow morning at 10am. HOCKEY SEASON !!!! YEAHHHH!!!!!!

I really want to see Marilyn Manson and Slayer. What a perfect night. Why don't I have any friends that get that? It's lame going alone, isn't it....Maybe not..

I just found out the other day that a cool radio station in Singapore put us in rotation. Now I want to go visit ...

Anyways, here are some photos from last night at the Detroit Bar, and the mexican restaurant. In case you are wondering what I am staring at, it is a tv. They were showing the mexican version of America's got talent. I don't know what it was called, but it was entertaining..

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Friday, August 17, 2007


well good morning. how are you ??
i am feeling good. passed out just after midnight and woke up kinda early. but i don't mind...the morning is this safe peaceful quiet time before the world takes over with all of it's important distractions.
i am having some killer coffee from Denmark. it's the shit. over there. they have this instant coffee that is better than most fresh coffee....kick major ass over starbucks any day of the week. i am going to drink coffee bought in LA ... it would have to be trader Joes french roast. that gets my vote. david usually makes a big thermos of it when we take a road trip....and it ZZZZAPS me !!! youch !! wake up and get going. this stuff is like my old buddy inky used to call ROCKET FUEL. BLAST OFF !!!!
i also have this crazy black peach tea made by ELIXR. woooo baby. i brew this up and then leave it in the fridge over night. talk about ROCKET FUEL. BOOOOOOOOOM.
ok. so there it is. we are getting pretty excited about this tour coming up. i think we will be leaving late sept or early oct. raveonettes shows begin in brooklyn, ny on oct 10th.
their new songs sound amazing. lust lust lust is the new record they are putting out. should be pretty awesome from the tracks i have heard.

this saturday - tommorrow. GLISS is performing @ The Detroit bar in Coast Mesa with our friends Midnight Movies. that should be fun. the shows starts around 9pm. but you know rock n roll shows....always behind schedule. we got an offer to play on the main stage @ the Eagle Rock Music Festival this year. which is really cool. i think we will be on tour at the time of the festival, but who knows ??? we might be able to work it in. i'd love to play it. we'll have to see our tour dates and see if it can work out.

i saw Tiny Vipers play at spaceland last night. they were really great. what a voice !

have a great weekend and we'll see you @ THE DETROIT BAR on Saturday

- martin
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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Boston Globe Review

So yeah, it's my turn to write today. I can't think of anything to write, So here's a copy of the latest review . Have a great day. \Victoria

August 14, 2007
Love the Virgins
Essential: "Innocent Eyes"

Globe Living/Arts stories
A&E section
Latest entertainment news
Somebody else already rhymed Gliss with bliss in a review, so we can’t use that. What we can say is that the full-length debut from this LA threesome is an immensely satisfying woozy doozy of an album — sweetly strangled electric guitars dripping with distortion; diamond-scuffed riffs, dolled-up like the Dandy Warhols doing Love and Rockets; and slurred 3 a.m. vocals that sound utterly toxic and therefore utterly perfect. All three members of Gliss — lead singer Martin Klingman, David Reiss, and Denmark native Victoria Cecilia — switch off on guitars, bass, and drums, and sound as if they’ve spiked one another’s drinks along the way. Like onetime tour mates Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Gliss’s billowing take on the Jesus & Mary Chain’s post-psych platform of darkly detached cool isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but it’s also an approach that, like the color black, wears classically well. There’s a hazy alchemy at work here, and enough narcotic sparks to light the fuse of a Spacemen 3 rocket ship: the echo-chamber chant that buoys the lithesome ‘‘Innocent Eyes’’; a sweetly poisonous ‘‘Off to Bed’’; and the swirling maelstrom of ‘‘Fade Away,’’ a headlong dive into oblivion that sounds like, well, bliss. [Jonathan Perry]
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

unispired and generic

i gotta say that i had a blast last night playing for you all! thanks to every one of you that made the trek west on a school night and let your hair down. i have to talk a bit about the drunk dude playing the guitar outside who, according to his own PR team (himself and his even more inebriated friend), is going to change the course of the world in a positive way through the most phenomenal and 'unmediocre' delta tuned slide blues riffs you will ever hear because, as he says, "never trust mediocrity. mediocrity will only bring you down (he loves that word)!" he was saying all of this while sitting on the sidewalk playing the most uninspired and generic acoustical slide guitar. he kept on pestering me for a light every few minuets cause his cig would go out so i got to dive deep (whether i wanted to or not) into his life and his theories with him. he is 24, a squatter, a good looking guy(according to him) and if he wasnt dirty and playing on the street and at open mics he would be a musical revolutionary the likes of which we have never seen. "its all about class, man. people wont give me the time of day. but you just wait, by this time next year i will be where you are, man, and ALL these people will see that what ive been saying all this time is truth, and they WILL follow. but im not going to be one of those people that looks down on others just because of where they are... its all about love........ man. i know im drunk and im getting dramatic, but when you are drunk you tell the truth. you will never find a more honest man than a drunk.
Can i get that lighter from you one more time, my ciggie went out again."

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Hej Hej !
Thanks so much to all our lovely fans for such an amazing show last night.
WOW !! thanks Melissa, DJ Jim & Mr. Shovel over at Indie 103.1 fm for having us and making the night extra special.
You are the best. what a turn out at the Viper Room. special thanks to our buds Moderates, io Echo & black kite for putting on a great show. Gliss has one more show until our tour, which is this saturday in Costa Mesa @ The Detroit Bar w/ The Midnight Movies.

i was chatting with my new friend Angela about some early Cure records and live shows after our set last night. she was wearing the Pornagraphy shirt from the Cure. way cool !
i was mentioning a classic video concert of theirs called In Orange. i believe it was on the Kiss me Kiss me Kiss me Tour. they played early classics...Piggy in the Mirror, Shake dog Shake, 100 years, etc... if you have not seen this video and it's a little harder to find than others...SEARCH. it is the Cure at their best line-up. soon after they delivered the incredible Desinigration...i think i spelled it wrong ??? that album is a studio masterpiece !! get it now...while you are still breathing.

i was strolling around the streets of west hollywood after our show and it was so nice and quiet. lovely homes in the backstreets. i had to pee, so i did the illegal use of the lawn and let it hang so to speak.ahhhh ... nothing like letting it breathe in the open air..kinda like camping in the city.

i saw this coyote on the way home. he was pretty cool looking. i think they are cute in a hungry feed me kinda way. i am not sure if i could just go up to one and hand him a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but......?????? time will tell. if you watched shark week on discovery....... you would have seen this cool dude, hand feeding sharks way out in the middle of ocean. this guy is my hero. i hope he sticks around for awhile... GULP !!!

ok.... see you on saturday @ the Detroit Bar

i love you

- martin
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Friday, August 10, 2007

how about i call you bitch!

so i have been helping out with the family business out in the OC when they need it and when i am in town. it is at a photography studio where they deal mainly with the 3 high schools in the area. sometimes, when it is the school dance seasons i go out to the proms and take pictures, but right now they are taking all the schools senior pictures and it is NUTS! Kids coming in all day long, all summer long to get photographed. most of the kids and parents are cool and we have a good time joking about, but there are some days where.... jesus, i wanna strangle some of these mothers! i remember one from last year i called the kid back to the studio portion by his name, lets say it was thomas.
"hey come on back, thomas."
mother:"oh dont call him thomas, he hates thomas."
me: "oh ok, come on back tom."
mother: "No, dont call him tom, call him Looser because that is what he is... a freakin' LOOSER."
In front of a full lobby of like 7 kids! i wanted to be like "how about i call you BITCH you crazy, drunk COW!!!" i could go on and on with some of the craziness i see coming in; everything from hair freak outs, to insane outfits, to some wardrobes that are pretty damn close to malfunctioning! and thats just when they come and get photographed, then we deal with the them when they get their proofs back and they hate them cause they look ugly or fat or this or that.... im telling you, it's the real OC for sure! like i said though, for the most part everyone is pretty easy going and it all goes smoothly. anyways i just had to rant on that... its been a long week... i hope to see you all out on monday for our viper room show. its going to kick some serious ASS! email us if you want to get on the guest list....

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TOuR TOUR baby !

well well....just about 5 weeks away from heading out on tour. our record drops soon and we'll be bouncing down the motorway across the US - LA to NY - up to Canada - down the west >>> woooo.....i am getting dizzy !#$%^&*

should be pretty sweet. we have a lovely surprise coming to us very very soon...vvvvrroooooooooom !!! any day...just waiting for a call. we shall let you know the fun news asap.

if anyone has a floor that we can crash on, please email us on myspace. we will be playing all the way through the US, so please check our show dates. they are not all posted as of yet, but the boston show is up and all the Raveonettes dates.
we'd love to hear from ya....

me especially : - )

gotta bounce

boing boing boing >>>>>>>>>

have a lovely day. we are playing at the Viper Room on monday 10.30pm
Indie 103.1 FM is sponsoring the evening and we are uber jazzed.
we'll see ya there

- martin

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The drums inside your chest

Sunday evening I went to the Brentwood Theatre for a big poetry show, feat.Amber Tamblyn, Beau Sia, Bucky Sinister, Mindy Nettifee, Derrick Brown, Buddy Wakefield and Jeffrey McDaniel.
It was awesome. Funny and lots of music. And great afterparty, might I add.
Last night we played a show at Prospector. Damn they party late in Long Beach !
I have to say I like it out there, although I love giving David a hard time for living so far away.

Well, gotta go. I am goin' to a music store....
Oh, and did I mention how much I love Reason ! I came up with the sickest drumbeat the other night. It's fun being up really late with headphones, programming the oddest beats. It is such a trip, especially when you pan certain sounds to one side. And when you add some weird effects, but not very loud. So you almost have to search for the sound in the mix...

My friend from Denmark is this great designer, who loves sending me clothes from their newest collections. I just received a big box full of brand new clothes. God, I love her....

Have a fun day....

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007


i fell asleep at midnight and woke up at 10 after 11am. wooooo hooooooo ! ! ! ! ! !
must have been exhausted..ah...feels so good to get some rest. i was upside down on my bed too when i passed out. bam. at least i did not walk around naked. i tend to sleep walk and talk in my sleep. the last thing i was told i did was walk in the hall of my apartment building completely naked. HELLLO !!!!

i also spoke the words "i have some product to take care of" .....mmmmm what ????

i need to hook up my recording equipment and start recording my "sleep talk". i could release a book someday, and call it "wanna sleep with martin klingman ?"

that sounds good and dirty. the book publishing company i am sure would need some sorta title that incourages sex. just for good measure. but the cool thing is...eveybody will have the chance to sleep with me by reading this book.

gotta have a sense of humor to get through life. i will tell all about my real passions in life at a later time.

much love

- martin

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Monday, August 6, 2007

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we have some exciting news in the works, and it could have in impact (indirectly, or directly if you are matty and maybe some other lucky individuals) on you!!! its kinda one of those things that is SO amazing that it seems way to good to be true, so we dont want to jinx it until it is so close that we can lick it. so stay tuned kids, its gonna be a doozy! playin the prospector tuesday in the LBC. hope to see you out tomorrow night in my neck of the woods... lets get it on!

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

going to San Francisco

It is wednesday morning and I just woke up. We are leaving for San Francisco in a little bit. I guess I should pack my bag...My Betsey Johnson bag !!!
I did a dumb thing. I signed up for ebay, so now I have one more place to shop. It is exciting...You can get everything there.
I even found an Isabell Kristensen shirt.
I know everybody else discovered Ebay in 1876 or so...I just discovered it this week :-)
Lots of exciting stuff is going down right now. I can't write about it yet. But I will soon.

We'll see you in San Francisco !!!

Much love,
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