Saturday, August 25, 2007


i went down to Mally Malones last night to see my homey marc rock the guitar. unaware until my arrival. i was a week early. ahhhhh !

i actually thought it was fun. it was finally cool weather. the trees are very nice on the west side down by it was ok by me. then i was trying to stay up to see my friend Ferraby Lionheart perform on the Craig Ferguson show, but somehow i missed him. i don't know if the music guest is in the middle of the show or first, but he sure wasn't last - ha.
i will be searching on youtube.

so Victoria Cecelia is in the new SPIN magazine. there is a huge story on Billy Corgan/Smashing Pumpkins and it starts out with an interview with Victoria. it's pretty F******g cool. what a trip.
so if you see the new SPIN w/ Rilo Kiley on the cover. pick it up and read. there is also a great piece on Elliott Smith and some cool other surprises.

i didn't have time to make a cool david doll, so make sure you go back and check the previous blog - Big D Doll - it is my top 3 blogs i have ever seen

we are working on some cool new tracks !! it is really nice to get back into the rehearsal space and write some new songs. i have been taking my time writing at home as well. i like that. makes me feel good to create. we are getting some cool tones and lots of wild feedback from this new fender amp and new 330 with humbuckers. sweeet !!
yup - i am working on a new track " I Smell A Rat"
we also have some other "Out Late", "Somewhere is Heaven", "LOve Songs" "OOOOH Girl", "Color TV", "LOvers in the bathroom", etc.... we have been busy little bee's

been chatting with some cool producers about maybe recording some tracks.

been walking in the cool breeze, feeling life.

- martin
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