Friday, August 10, 2007

TOuR TOUR baby !

well well....just about 5 weeks away from heading out on tour. our record drops soon and we'll be bouncing down the motorway across the US - LA to NY - up to Canada - down the west >>> woooo.....i am getting dizzy !#$%^&*

should be pretty sweet. we have a lovely surprise coming to us very very soon...vvvvrroooooooooom !!! any day...just waiting for a call. we shall let you know the fun news asap.

if anyone has a floor that we can crash on, please email us on myspace. we will be playing all the way through the US, so please check our show dates. they are not all posted as of yet, but the boston show is up and all the Raveonettes dates.
we'd love to hear from ya....

me especially : - )

gotta bounce

boing boing boing >>>>>>>>>

have a lovely day. we are playing at the Viper Room on monday 10.30pm
Indie 103.1 FM is sponsoring the evening and we are uber jazzed.
we'll see ya there

- martin

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