Sunday, September 30, 2007

Last night at The Parish

We rolled into Austin late last night, just in time to catch the show at The Parish with our homies Gray Kid and Oliver Future. Here is Gray Kid in action:

We hung out til around 2pm and then we needed to sleep, so we parked the van in front of the house Oliver Future was staying in. It was so hot and humid. Imagine 3 people sleeping in a van in Texas. It was so warm and humid outside and in the van that I kept waking up not able to really breathe. It was pretty wild. When we finally got up this morning we took the van for a spin to air it out, and that wind felt so good.
Now we are hanging out at our friend Paul's house. We are playing with his band tonight at the Mohawk.
Then tomorrow we are driving to New Orleans.
Peace ya'll...


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peeping tom

so we are on tour at the moment.
i was driving the new van from el paso,texas into austin....everything was going smooth. i was on a serious role. driving like 300 miles. in the zone. we have the ipod on shuffle, keeps things fresh, when boom ! peeping tom comes on the ipod. i hadn't heard it in awhile and i was like hey ! this is thing i know the guitar solo gets going and i look down and i am doing 90 mph....then i look to my left and there is a sherrif on the other side of the highway. i quickly let off the gas and next thing i know, he crosses the center divider and flips his flashy lights on !! OOOOHHHHH
SHIT !!! am i getting pulled over ???? the speed is 80 mph in the daytime, so i am thinking.....hmmmmm ---- david told me in texas they don't play that 10 mph over the speed thing. 5 mph over and you get zapped !! so yes, i get pulled over. ah shit !!!
i was doing so well. i was the last person anyone would think to get pulled over, since i kinda like to roll all chilled out when i drive. but no ! i get asked to "please, step out of the car" ok, i am thinking, just chill and get this over with. he has me come to the back of the van and slaps me on the ass !!! -- no, i am just kidding. he says, i pulled you over because you were clocked at 86 mph in an 80 zone.
"i understand sir", i say. please show me your drivers license, registration and proof of insurance. i have to go thru the van in the back to find all the proper papers. after he fills out all the paper work, he asks me again to come step to the back of the van. he says " where are you headed?" Austin, Sir - he also asks me if i am in a band, i say yes. we chat for a bit longer about music, that i am hoping he will have a clue of. and next he says, i am going to let you off with a WARNING !!! please sign here and watch you speed.

wooooooo hooooooooooooo baby

sooooooooooooo close !!!

i get off with a slapon the wrist and we are laughing in the van with relief, and at the fact, that i got pulled over for speeding.

much love mr. peeping tom - i'll get you
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Friday, September 28, 2007

day 2

day 2 of the tour. played our warm up show last night in AZ. trying out the new van and new road cases, so far so good. me and my brother built a bed in the back of the van, show you all pics later, so all the equipment gets stored below it all locked up and secured. seems to be pretty damned solid. we just pulled into a rest stop and the end of my driving shift.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

me and marty played some frisbee for a while to stretch out and wake up. man that is a fun-ass leisure activity! i got in some trick behind the back catches. victoria has been passed out in the back for a hundred miles or so, she just woke up!

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

we have disguised our ride as a soccer mom van. our licence plate frame reads soccer mom & dad, and we put on these stickers

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

we are now in new mexico on our way to austin. i gotta tell you, this verizon mobile internet ROCKS! middle of nowhere online at basically broad band speeds. good way to pass the time and check up on some gas card fraud that happend in blythe. Damn you flying J's. hopefully we'll be getting that back into the account before we run out and are stranded in georgia or something. so come down to the shows and buy our merch to insure that doesnt happen! going to be working on some on the road videos to kill time and to show you all whats happening in all these towns we are going to. damn its pretty out sun is setting out on the plains in new mex. and some lightning out on the other horizon. we'll see you in austin!

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Thursday, September 27, 2007

On tour.............

Yes, we are back on tour and we are rolling in our new dope van we got from Guitarcenter and Tunecore. We entered a contest a couple of months ago. We had to write about our touring experience and we won !!!
We are rolling in style now. Econoline e350 with wireless internet. So I am acually writing this blog in the van while we are driving. We are in Arizona, on our way to Phoenix.
Martin and David just got a sweet offer from a chinese woman at the last truck stop: A massage in the bathroom !

We just had lunch, so my pd's are gone for the day. But I have a very cold iced tea right next to me and some nice tunes on the iPod. Just downloaded "The Gambler". And now we are listening to Goldfrapp "Time out from the world". Check it out, it's awesome.

Well, thanks for everybody's help getting this tour happening. Thanks to Kyle at GC and Laurelin at Tunecore. I am not sure we would even be on this tour, had we not won this dope ride. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU !!!!!!

Much love from the road......

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

music video

We shot a video yesterday for "Gimme the Hit". It's the first time we have done a proper video. We usually make our own videos. So this time we had a director and a whole crew and 2 different cameras. We shot most of the video on a rooftop. And it was right when it was raining and the whole sky was black and a million birds were flying around above our heads. It was pretty exciting. When I got home I fell asleep right away. Acting is hard work...ha !
We are leaving on thursday and won't be back home until the middle of november. We will stay in touch from the road.

ye haaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
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Thursday, September 20, 2007


so we have been super jazzed to roll into your town on this upcoming u.s. tour

we are extra happy to be supporting the Raveonettes on a greater portion of the dates we have so far.

more will be coming in.

please take a look and if we are coming to your area, write us and say hi

we'd love to hook up, crash on your floor and have some fun

all help and kindness is welcome and encouraged.

so far we have these dates:

9/27 AZ
9/30 TX
10/1 Louisiana
10/4 alabama
10/ 5 WV
10/6 WV
10/7 Philly
10/9 boston

rave tour begins

10.15.07 - OHIO University - Gliss headline *
10/22 - driving day (off)

10/30 - spokane, wa
10/31 - Portland,OR
11/1 - seattle, wa
11/2 salem, or
11/5 utah
11/8 nv
11/9 th or 10th - SF
11/11 sacramento
11/12 LA - viper room

clubs and other info on

much love

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Sunday, September 16, 2007


I just love Club Vertigo, downtown. We played there again last night. It reminds me of being in Barcelona or Milan. If you haven't been, its a giant nightclub. The room on your left is the hip hop room and the room on your right is the live-music room, and before the band goes on, a DJ is spinning all the alternative hits from the 80's.

We are getting ready for the tour. We are leaving in less than 2 weeks. I can't wait.
I haven't seen much of the US and never been to Canada. So it should be interesting.

Next week we are shooting the video for "Gimme the Hit".
I really wanted to record some of our new songs, but we just don't have time. Maybe when we come back home.

Thanks to everybody that showed up last night. I had fun !

Much love
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Saturday, September 15, 2007

tour ... couch........ LOVE !

ok. so i got this sweeet HUGE map of the U.S. / Canada.

victoria hooked me up...thanks soul sista' !

now i can see the routes and cities that we will be travelling to / through on our tour in a few weeks.

you can check out our myspace page for the show dates...more are coming in.

if you have a sweeet couch we could crash on when we are in your city, please contact us...

we love meeting our fans on the road. it's the only way to enjoy the trip.

so don't be shy : - )

send us your love and we'll see you in your city soon

have a lovely weekend

- martin

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Thursday, September 13, 2007

queen is crazy

holy crap... this is crazy. im sure most of you have seen this already, but if you havent, here it is.....

talk about insane, man.

cannot wait to play Vertigos again on saturday, since we had a such a blast there last time. be sure to email us if you want to get on the list, otherwise its like $15 i think. oh and be sure to bring your dancing shoes! been working on a bunch of new, killer jams for all-o-yous.... maybe we will pop some of their cherries on saturday!???? who knows. stay tuned...

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Oh Yeah...

It took me awhile to find a really good one...

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007


today is tuesday. how are you ?
i am chatting it up w/ all my buddies around the states. it is nice to see everyone pulling together. thanks !!
my homey jesse is havin his birthday party this friday @ some bowling alley that they use in Entourage.


i think he is hanging is mexico at the moment.....ahhhhh

sounds prett nice...laying out and soaking the night.

bowling is fun, but it messes with my wrist after awhile. playing guitar, drums, being on computers and bowling - ouch !

gotta chill and step away.

go for a walk

forget all this stuff and space out

our record is up on iTunes, so go buy it

i love you

- martin
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Monday, September 10, 2007


so... Britney's comeback performance... oh my god.... can you say TRainWreck!!! she pretty much is stumbling and mumbling her way through the song, missing cues left and right, and to make it worse, no jazz hands!! come on! so check out the video and scroll down to see the sara silverman burn right after. ohhh my god, hard core!

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Sunday, September 9, 2007

Britney tonight !

Oh yeah... Britney's big comeback is tonight. I already heard the song on youtube. I like it ! But please read all the comments on the song, they are too funny..
Last night I went to my friend Sara's birthday party. Lots and lots and lots of food. ANd a giant jam session in the livingroom. Excellent!
We are finishing up the rest of our dates going out to New York. Thanks to everybody writing us and suggesting which cities and clubs we should play at. We did listen !
If you don't see your city on the schedule, write us and we'll try and make it happen.

Have a great day and check out Britney tonight !

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Friday, September 7, 2007


hey guys... so our US release of the record just dropped on iTunes. for those of you that already have the UK import go and check it out cause it has a new track on it that you need to get, Gimme the Hit! so far, one dude as given a customer review, it is pretty funny, but we need you guys to log onto itunes and write up what you think of the record and show that kid what is up!

in other news, im a bit sad that flight of the concords is over for the season. i love that show and so should you. so if you havent seen it yet, what are you waiting for? find someone with tivo or download it somewhere and watch it already!

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Tuesday, September 4, 2007

hot hot week

if you are not in the LA area......let me tell has been crazy HOT !!

no joke....this has been insane.

i hope to see it cooling down soon. i was checking out some sweet youtube footage last night at 3am - because i woke up on fire. i found this footage from 81 of the cure doing the forest. they were rocking. uber tight !

if you have not been to bordello in downtown LA - go have a drink and hear some live music. this is a great venue.

the key is balance.

now and forever....

met a great guy today. kyle rogers over @ guitar center headquarters. if you have the pleasure of working with him, you are in great hands. much love !!

G L I S S will be @ Vertigos - Sat. Sept 15th
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Monday, September 3, 2007

the Widow Maker

happy labor day everybody!!! i hope you were able to beat the heat today, it was hot as hell!!! today me and my girl went down to the beach, along with like 100,000 other people, but at least it was 20 degrees cooler and the water was amazing! i swam and body surfed for like an hour and then got out, and was actually cold for the rest of time there, it was so nice. then went back to the pad and it was still WAY to hot inside so we went out to the closest cold place to eat that we knew we would have to be in there for awhile. so we ate at claim jumper cause i have never eaten there before and it was so cold in there i was actually shivering waiting for the food! i ordered the widow maker burger. that thing was INSANE!! half an avocado on it, bacon, onion rings, cheese; it was about the size of my face but way more delicious. so now i am home and about ready to make some drinks, smoke a little somethin, and watch the last flight of the concords of the season before i watch the new californication. i hope you all had an awesome 3 day weekend! cheers!

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Sunday, September 2, 2007

I am melting...

Damn , it's hot... I need to spend summers somewhere else...
Another week of Sopranos and shows. Friday my friend Marc played at Molly Malones. That place is crazy loud. Almost as loud as my neighbour. Last night was the famous Echo Park block party. DJs, art and photography. It's always great. You end up running into a bunch of friends. Pretty sweet.
Tonight we are practicing and then a party at Jake's house.
No plans for Labour Day. Maybe I'll sit at a cafe all day long...
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