Sunday, September 30, 2007

Last night at The Parish

We rolled into Austin late last night, just in time to catch the show at The Parish with our homies Gray Kid and Oliver Future. Here is Gray Kid in action:

We hung out til around 2pm and then we needed to sleep, so we parked the van in front of the house Oliver Future was staying in. It was so hot and humid. Imagine 3 people sleeping in a van in Texas. It was so warm and humid outside and in the van that I kept waking up not able to really breathe. It was pretty wild. When we finally got up this morning we took the van for a spin to air it out, and that wind felt so good.
Now we are hanging out at our friend Paul's house. We are playing with his band tonight at the Mohawk.
Then tomorrow we are driving to New Orleans.
Peace ya'll...


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