Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween !!!!

We drove up to Portland today. A very pretty drive. I will post some pictures.
After loading in at the club in Portland, we walked around and checked out the different small stores. There's a real nice vibe in Portland. No wonder everyone I have ever met from Portland is nice.
There's a suspense show tonight at the venue, and somebody will be hanging from hooks by the end of the night - and it won't be me.
I love horror movies and there are a few freaky looking creatures at the club right now. I wish I was in LA though, 'cos I think my friend spiros is putting on his feathers tonight.

Cheers ya'll...

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Camping in 20 degrees

Yeah...That's what we did last night. We decided to sleep in a cabin. When we showed up it was about 1 am and the door to the cabin was wide open. It was FREEZING!!!
We slept in all our clothes, 2 pairs of pants and jackets. We woke up kind of early, because the cabin was right next to the train tracks. Everytime the train rolled by, the horn woke us up. So we ended up getting up before 9.
Now we are on our way to Portland. And tomorrow we are in Seattle. Our friends "Nicole Atkins and the Sea" are performing the same night, so we are gonna try and meet up with them. Here's a picture from the cabin this morning.....Cheers......
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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Going to Taco Bell for water

As most of you know we won some Taco Bell giftcards. They are worth $5, and if your meal is only $2, they give you change. So we quickly figured out this is the way to make money on the road. Martin took it to the extreem and ordered a cup of water and paid with a coupon and got $ 4.90 back... Make sure to pay attention to the end where his sun-glasses (half-glasses) almost fall off.

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Back in the good ol' US of A

Vancouver wasa rad, great stores with very expensive clothes. Our last show with Raveonettes was awesome. The crowd was one of the best ones. Safe travels to the Raveonettes, and thanks so much for the gift. We are all about it !

The drive this morning was wild. We were basically driving through the clouds.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Onour way to Vancouver

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Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Rockies

We just arrived in Kamloops...After a 14 hour drive. We are looped....Kamlooped....
We drove through some beautiful areas though, unfortunately the batteries in both cameras died before we drove throught the blizzard. That was exciting, yet scary !
Several vehicles in accidents and trucks and diesels flipped over on the side of the streets. We even saw huge animals walking around by the roads..ram, deer, elk..Just hanging out. One of them stepped out on the road and luckily David avoided it.
Here's a few pics. Tomorrow is our last show with Raveonettes, so we are a bit sad, it's been so much fun.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Canada !!!

It's cold !!!! But not too cold for modeling.... WE ARE STILL IN THE RUNNING!!!!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

We're in Saskatoon

After driving 12 hours on small roads we finally have arrived in Saskatoon. Ozzy is playing here tonight, but we are staying in the room watching tv shows and doing nothing. It's great !
Here's a couple of pics from the restaurant downstairs. It's in the middle of an indoor forest and there's a pool right next to us. The only bad thing was when we showed up and realized our room had not been cleaned. The last guest had left some things in the bathroom , including a dirty towel. But the front desk quickly sent Hector to the room and also offered free breakfast, so we are cool with it.

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Monday, October 22, 2007

FARGO and the diary of me

have you ever seen the movie FARGO ?

if not ...... go rent it. TIP TOP !

Gliss is in Fargo today. which is just below Winnipeg, Canada. we have a night off from the hectic tour life. it's pretty sweet here. i drove today for a couple of hours and it was really beautiful. when i wanted to change lanes on the interstate, people did not cut me off or speed up to keep me from. i have to say i have been quite impressed with alot of the states we have travelled through.

I have seen several deer and bufallo along this journey, cows, pigs, fields of crops, john deer tractors, birds, blue skies, green green meadows, smiles from cheering fans, lakes, rivers, bridges, frineds, raveonettes, hotels, floors, sleeping bags, bars, skylines, off ramps and on ramps, gas stations, the unforgettable restrooms of the venues, the inside of the van from the drivers seat and VIP Lounge we created, merch booth, pool tables, ms pac man games, sound checks, stinky microphones, showers, highway signs, drunk ass dudes in the crowd begging for sharin, chicks complimenting victorias breasts, broken drum sticks, sound men, security dudes, money, emails and texts from my loved ones, and much more than words can express.

life on the road with my band is great. we are laughing alot and pulling together. listening to many songs on my ipod. dancing in the van - shaking my ass in the drivers seat.

rest stops are lovely. big trees and wide open land. i love LA and i love the country as well.

i don't miss the city, but i do miss my friends and family.

see you @ the Viper Room back in LA on Nov 12th

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- martin
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Where the f*ck are we

This was creepy. We were on back roads forever, and it was straight out of a horror movie..

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Gliss at Bowery Ballroom -video-

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Chicago rules!

We love Chicago :

Last night we were in Chicago. Sold out show and everybody showed up when doors opened. Before the music started it was already a dope party. We had people there, that had waited almost 2 years to see our show. That was rad !
One guy actually owns a copy of our "DK sessions EP", that is so extremely rare. It was sold in Europe 2 years ago, and only 100 copies. This guy found a copy in a record store in Chicago. What a trip.

Here is the club:

Chillin' out with friends:
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Thursday, October 18, 2007

America's next top model>>>

Yes, we are still in the running...

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Where the f*ck are we...

Last night we played in Columbus Ohio. The crowd was wild. We had girls in the front row screaming the whole time. I have to admit I loved it.
After the show we drove about an hour to a campground we had booked earlier that day. We didn't really know where it was, but we had our GPS. We ended up on small backroads in the middle of nowhere in a big amish community. It got scarier and scarier the further we went. Martin was ready to turn around and go straight to Cleveland. I was a little worried myself. I might have just seen too many horror movies. But it was straight out of "wrong turn". All you could see was a narrow road and big trees. At one point we saw a large black animal on the side of the road with shiny eyes. We are convinced it was a cougar. Later on we saw Bambi jumping around to the right of the van. We filmed the road last night, it doesn't look as scary on camera as in real life.
Anyways, we found the camp ground and got some sleep. This morning we woke up to the sound of rain. It was pouring down. We made some coffee and watched Entourage, then we took off. So now we are on our way to Cleveland.

Oh...And here's a picture of one surprised David Riess. Somebody (?) put something VERY spicy on his burrito....haha...


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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Columbus Ohio

Rocking the merch table with Nicole Atkins and her little helper, aka the Big Merch Boss.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Gliss camping

We decided to go camping. Here's a couple of videos. It was rad !

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Monday, October 15, 2007

water water water

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Niagara Falls

We have a day off today, so we decided to go camping. Sort of. We are going to a camp ground and sleeping in the van. It is right on the lake and they have minigolf and fun-bikes. I am looking forward to this ! We will be there in about 4 hours.
Yesterday we went to Niagara Falls in the morning on our way to Canada. It was pretty cool. When you stand right next to all that water, it's basically raining.
We didn't get fucked with too much at the border.

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Sunday, October 14, 2007

David @ Niagara Falls

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:( yes its over

so as you know we have been rocking the frisbee, getting down and perfecting all sorts of rad trick catches, spins, and throws hoping to be the under dog upset of the decade at the 2007 world frisbee freestyle championships held this year salem. everyday we were putting in many long hours of practice. typically, we would do about an hour of the fundamentals and the theory of frisbee, then we would would work out our frisbee arm and shoulder and do some serious cardiovascular. then we would hit the turf and huck that plastic disk until we could no longer feel our finger tips and our newly formed callouses were ripped off again, bleeding. so we were doing this all over the county on our tour, in parks, at rest stops, down random side streets, and at local elementary schools, building up our game and getting that much closer to becoming the international 2007 freestyle frisbee champions; until a rest stop pennsylvania where the whole world lost a little color that day. we were getting deep into our 'graceful swan' routine when all of a sudden something fell out of balance. it all went so fast it hard to say what exactly happened and who is to blame but the facts are this: there was one drain for the entire 100 yard stretch of parking lot. it was located on the curb and it was about a foot and a half long. i threw the disk and it went right smack between marty and victoria, so much so that neither of them thought that they were the ones to grab it. it hit the ground, popped up about a foot, came back down and skidded two feet right into the drain then down close to 15 feet into the water at the bottom. from where i was i could not even see the drain. i was just waiting for somebody to get the disk but they never did, they just shouted and pointed. i ran over and my hear dropped. i knew our chances were now over. we would fall too far behind in our training regiment to be serious contenders at the competition. i will leave you with 2 pictures of that fateful day in october when the weather turned a little colder, the sky a little grayer, and the birds just didnt feel like singing.


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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Meet and greet the fans

David had a special meet and greet moment in Boston.
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Friday, October 12, 2007

Boston & New York

It's a bit difficult keeping up on the blogging at the moment. We went to Boston. What an amazing city. We loved it. We played at Hennesey's upstairs, great venue. It was nice meeting some Gliss fans there. I will post a little video of one of David's fans.

After Boston we went to NYC. We met with everybody at our record label. And afterwards we walked around in the city for a few hours. It's great being back here. Tonight we are playing at Bowery Ballroom.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Farting at CVS

We are in New Jersey right now and went to CVS to get some drinks. Someone found a fart machine....Lex : this video is for you !!!

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Coming to Jersey !!!

If you have been following my blogs you will know I just finished several seasons of Sopranos, so I was ecstatic to finally get to New Jersey. Especially going through the toll charge booth. It was straight out of the intro to the show.

I love the east coast !
Tomorrow we are going to Boston, my sister loves Boston, so I better take some pics.

peace out !!

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Sunday, October 7, 2007

Driving through Pennsylvania

We had fun in Wheeling last night with Bud Singleton. Now we are going to Philadelphia. We are getting pretty good at frisbee.
fyi, David's picture link on his infamous blog "Kenny Rogers is my uncle", is now working.

Peace ya'll
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Saturday, October 6, 2007

The Southeast

We have seen a few states the last couple of days. They are all pretty close to eachother. AFter leaving Alabama we went through tennesee, Kentucky, Ohio and W .Virginia. I was pretty excited about going through Tennesse, I made Martin and David pull over at the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. We didn't actually have much time, 'cos we lost an hour because of the timechange. But we went in to eat and check out the gift shop. And we saw the vintage guitars collection. I got some Elvis mints in a tin shaped like a guitar. Pretty funny... On our way out of town we drove by this cool looking bb King bar, and I told David to stop, but of course he didn't, that's why the picture I took, looks like this:

At one point we were running out of gas, so we had to stop in this tiny little town. The gas station was the place to hang out. It was pretty full in there. Inside there were tables and charirs and a bunch of people eating fried chicken. It was really small, but really crowded. The girl at the register asked David if we were planning on moving there, haha...

According to my tourist book, Kentucky is one of the most beautiful states to drive through. I have to say it's been the prettiest so far.

We finally arrived in Huntington, where we played at the Monkey bar.
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