Sunday, October 14, 2007

:( yes its over

so as you know we have been rocking the frisbee, getting down and perfecting all sorts of rad trick catches, spins, and throws hoping to be the under dog upset of the decade at the 2007 world frisbee freestyle championships held this year salem. everyday we were putting in many long hours of practice. typically, we would do about an hour of the fundamentals and the theory of frisbee, then we would would work out our frisbee arm and shoulder and do some serious cardiovascular. then we would hit the turf and huck that plastic disk until we could no longer feel our finger tips and our newly formed callouses were ripped off again, bleeding. so we were doing this all over the county on our tour, in parks, at rest stops, down random side streets, and at local elementary schools, building up our game and getting that much closer to becoming the international 2007 freestyle frisbee champions; until a rest stop pennsylvania where the whole world lost a little color that day. we were getting deep into our 'graceful swan' routine when all of a sudden something fell out of balance. it all went so fast it hard to say what exactly happened and who is to blame but the facts are this: there was one drain for the entire 100 yard stretch of parking lot. it was located on the curb and it was about a foot and a half long. i threw the disk and it went right smack between marty and victoria, so much so that neither of them thought that they were the ones to grab it. it hit the ground, popped up about a foot, came back down and skidded two feet right into the drain then down close to 15 feet into the water at the bottom. from where i was i could not even see the drain. i was just waiting for somebody to get the disk but they never did, they just shouted and pointed. i ran over and my hear dropped. i knew our chances were now over. we would fall too far behind in our training regiment to be serious contenders at the competition. i will leave you with 2 pictures of that fateful day in october when the weather turned a little colder, the sky a little grayer, and the birds just didnt feel like singing.


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