Saturday, December 29, 2007

microphones, mic pres and new years !!

well well well...........

as this 2007 is coming to a close, our lives are opening up the new year with a BANG !!!

recording for the new album is beginning next week. got this sweet chandler TG2 mic pre. this is the same design as the Abbey Road "EMI" board used by the beatles, pink floyd and many more amazing bands. also should be experimenting with a Trident board for that classic british sound. lots of fun jamming with each other on new songs and ideas. a few of us got sick with colds, but are healing with grace and lots of oj !
some cool amps, guitars, trippy keyboards, awesome Thrust snare drums, and some wacky melodies.
over heads, underneath, room mics, etc............

some lyrics, a kik pedal, enjoyed watching john lennon's making of Imagine again, a new scarf, and what else.........????????? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?????????

how are you ??? what is new and what are you planning for the new year ????

all of our love !


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Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays !

Happy Holidays to you all






GLISS is currently working on the upcoming new album.

2008 !!

we can't wait

see you soon

martin, david & victoria

gliss in london

thank you all for your love and support !!
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Sunday, December 16, 2007

shots from our tour

good morning -- depending on where you are.

it's 10.32 am here in la la land.

please check out some great shots taken from our tour w/ the raves. they are posted in our pics section on myspace.

thanks to all and their lovely talents for snapping these great moments in our lives.

following your dreams is where it's at

keep dreaming

keep following you heart

happy holidays & much love always


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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

under the lights.......gliss

good day to you !

just received some great shots from our friend Todd. These were taken Nov 12th @ The Viper Room. This was our welcome back to la la land show after 6 weeks on the tour of the US/Canada. i am not sure if you can tell from the photos, but we were sooo happy to see all of our lovely friends. it was a great show - thanks to our fans

"Photo by Todd Zimmer -"
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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Let's Use Each Other To Get Through The Night

i need you

you need me

themes of desire, love, need, lust, etc.......

we all need something, someone, someplace

filling the void ???

we have some more new songs.
one may be titled 29 Acts of Love. it has a hypnotic groove. looking forward to seeing its' evolution.

english breakfast with milk and honey this morning is getting my day off to a smooth start.
i was checking out some footage of babyshambles @ Wembley - wow what a cool gig !!

the crowd is going off and it seems like a special night. wish i could've been there.

how are you ???

la la la la la.........

- martin
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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Love Lies Sex Eyes....and more.......

so it's a little over cast today !!

i am feeling it. oooooh baby....quite a treat here in la la land.
we have been busy since we returned from our tour w/ the raveonettes working on new material, jamming and goofing off.
last night at our space we worked up some sweet jams.
we are having fun and hope you are to.
the new album is tentatively going to be released spring 08. if you want to send us some art you feel would work, please feel free. we are always looking for new and fresh ideas.

we are bouncing some album titles around.....

Sister Sister, Love Lies Sex Eyes, GLISS, ???? hmmmm

i have been really enjoying bass lines lately, really noticing the tones, their place in the song, just tripping on that today. warm, dirty, low, etc....

we have been posting some demos from time to time. these are just fun demos we put together.
laying out the tunes, getting a vibe.....mmm a good time.

yup, we are having a good time.

speaking of good times.....hey Slan !!! how are you ???
Slan is a good good friend in Aarhus, Denmark. he recorded us awhile back. tracks: halfway gone, all you people & falling to pieces...that was for sure A GOOD TIME SLAN !!!

we miss you....but we'll see you soon

much love always....enjoy the holidays

- martin
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Sunday, December 2, 2007

Ozzy rules !!!

I got VIP passes friday night for the Rob Zombie/Ozzy Osbourne show at the Staples center. It was SWEET!!! I loved both shows equally. Rob Zombie was so entertaining. Who doesn't like go-go dancers and monsters?
Ozzy played a couple of songs from his new album, but mainly the old hits. It was rad. He even played "Crazy Train". I was hoping he would play "Diary of a madman", but no...

Last night I went to an art show in China town and afterwards I went to the Echo Park bloc party and enjoyed a set by James Combs. Rad guy !

Well, off to rehearsal now. We are working on a new album. Exciting and scary and stressful and....hmm...a lot of things really. But most of all Exciting, or I wouldn't do it.
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