Thursday, December 6, 2007

Love Lies Sex Eyes....and more.......

so it's a little over cast today !!

i am feeling it. oooooh baby....quite a treat here in la la land.
we have been busy since we returned from our tour w/ the raveonettes working on new material, jamming and goofing off.
last night at our space we worked up some sweet jams.
we are having fun and hope you are to.
the new album is tentatively going to be released spring 08. if you want to send us some art you feel would work, please feel free. we are always looking for new and fresh ideas.

we are bouncing some album titles around.....

Sister Sister, Love Lies Sex Eyes, GLISS, ???? hmmmm

i have been really enjoying bass lines lately, really noticing the tones, their place in the song, just tripping on that today. warm, dirty, low, etc....

we have been posting some demos from time to time. these are just fun demos we put together.
laying out the tunes, getting a vibe.....mmm a good time.

yup, we are having a good time.

speaking of good times.....hey Slan !!! how are you ???
Slan is a good good friend in Aarhus, Denmark. he recorded us awhile back. tracks: halfway gone, all you people & falling to pieces...that was for sure A GOOD TIME SLAN !!!

we miss you....but we'll see you soon

much love always....enjoy the holidays

- martin
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