Wednesday, January 9, 2008

recording !

we have 5 new songs underway. drums are complete and sound very cool.
we are using this cool old Trident London recording console in Los Angeles, US of A.
this new bit by Chandler - the EMI Abbey Road mic pre's - sound warmer than the sun on the kick drum and snare.

songs include: Lovers in the Bathroom, Sad Eyes and Sex Lies, 29 Acts Of Love, Sunday Someday, Coming Down and Sister Sister.

some gibson guitars and our old 78 Fender P-Bass will be next and then thee vox.

the rain lately has been just what we needed here in LA. a bit of overcast skies. seems to quiet the city.

a ton of cables and microphones all over the place

ideas flowing

we'll be heading the Austin in March for SXSW. we look forwarding to seeing you

until then..........we will be lost in the recording studio doing what we do

much love !!


sister sister

sister sister

sister sister...........

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