Sunday, February 17, 2008


been walking the line

dancing the oooh sha sha - ha ha

working on new songs

getting lost in my headphones

how are you doing ??? what are you doing ???

watched Juno the other day. that girl was really good in it. i also dug the dude that left his wife.

been listening to lcd, peter bjorn and john, some early bowie again - been awhile....always fun to crack open the past and !! this is nice. thanks bowie !

hmmm. what else. ahh yup......

mgmt is a good record. they had that friedmann producer on this one. i am not sure if i spelled his named correctly, but he did a bunch of stuff i dig - flaming lips (mid career) i think Transmissions of the Satellite. what a wonderful album. if you dont have it. i think you'd really dig it.
big sounds and still have an organic fresh production. not too over the top.

my sleep has been a bit random. good one night. the next falling asleep around 5-6 am

speak soon

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