Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Peel Slowly And See

as the days warm we can all......


the greatest collection of Velvet Underground recordings available.

i am listening to : I'll be your Mirror" live version. it is nothing short of amazing !!
if you don't own this box set...please...please...rush out and grab it

it changed my life and my ideas of music, lyrics, art and the beauty in simplistic directions.
the way they approach the songs is quite refreshing even after 1000's of listens.

i can always count on Lou and the gang to bring me back to the heart of rock and roll

i recently saw the makings of Lou Reeds album "Transformer" which was really cool. the whole time i was watching i couldn't help but feel like Lou was thinking...yea..it was a cool record, but what about the 100's of songs i did with the velvet underground ???


I guess Walk on the Wild Side was a huge commercial success. I love the song "Perfect Day" on Transformer. that is my favorite post Velvet Underground song from Lou Reed. just amazing.

The new version of Transformer has a few acoustic demos of Lou just singing the songs into a recorded on his guitar. so bare. one of those songs is Perfect Day.

You can really see where it started and his ability to hear these great melodies over some adventurous chord changes, especially in the bridge. Also, where the song went ..... once it was recorded. the lovely piano and wonderful harmonies David Bowie added !!

well well.....

I gotta fill my empty glass

hope all you are well...

I am good and the band is coming up with some great songs. this next record we are working on is going to be very exciting. i have not been this eager and excited in quite some time.

until we meet again


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Monday, April 7, 2008

and the beat goes on.........

wanted to check in with ya !

been writing more songs. came up with a great new song last night at the space.
screwing around with keyboards through big muffs into amps, new beats and classic reiss guitar lines.

this one might be called Therapy ?? or perhaps I Need Therapy !! HA

thats a joke.

been digging some new music and feeling some creative juices churning inside.

we are working on our recording schedule w/ producer Adam Lasus (clap your hands say yeah)

so we'll have more info soon

very excited and can't wait to blast these jams

much love

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Demos for the new album !


we have been working on some new songs for the upcoming album.
keep an eye and ear out. we'll be posting new demos of the material we are writing.
feel free to leave comments. we love em'

lovers in the bathroom

29 acts of love

anybody inside

and more

we are in Long Beach tonight and then we have some outta towners coming up !!

thanks to MTV for their support in playing our newest video "Gimme The Hit",
which is the first track on our album "Love the Virgins"


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