Saturday, August 16, 2008

Before cooking pis...

So, I am not really good at cooking. In fact, just to boil some noodles I had to read instructions on the side of the package.
That's when I came across this description: High quality and delicious 'tase' (?)....Before cooking pis (!) put it into some boiled water...

Just thought I'd share that. Check out the wrapper - I scanned it just for you :-)

- Victoria
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

A special invite.....

Last night I came home and emptied my mailbox. I got a really nice envelope and immediately opened it. It was an invite. On one side it said : You are cordially invited to a special event. Sweet, I thought. 'Cos once in awhile I get these cool invitations to special art openings and fashion shows. So I turn the card around and it says......"Join us for an evening of injectables !"
what???, I thought to myself. This sounds illegal. I read on, " Buy 1 syringe and get 2nd syringe 50% off"
This is the strangest written invitation I have ever received.Turns out it's for Botox.

If I am gonna go for the needle, it will be to donate blood....for now..

No thanks to the invite, but if anybody is interested, here's the number:



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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

SF Show Added !


were just added


Sept 16th

@ Bottom of the Hill (SF)


this saturday @ Bar Sinister (LA)
11pm show !!!!!

see ya there

new record is finished

mixing has begun


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