Friday, October 10, 2008

CMJ Preview: Cafeteria Talk with Gliss

By KCRW's Rachel Reynolds:
We got a few moments with Martin Klingman and Victoria Cecelia from LA band Gliss in the cafeteria above KCRW. It was a reunion of sorts because, in all truthfulness, I was their publicist years ago. They still play some of the sexiest music I’ve ever heard and have opened for Billy Corgan, BRMC and the Raveonettes among others. While in NYC for CMJ, they’re going to be mastering their new CD and I can’t wait to hear it!

Martin, Victoria and David Reiss all play bass, drums and guitar, so it’s like musical chairs with instruments in their live shows, but they do it in a low key way. It’s truly not a “stunt,” they just couldn’t find a drummer with the right vibe so they decided to do it all themselves (learning a great appreciation for other instruments in the process). Find out Marty’s favorite song to cover, how Victoria discovered Black Sabbath and more in the video here:


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