Friday, January 30, 2009

A bit about Victoria

I haven't quite figured out the math, but I am about 75% danish and 25% swedish.
I don't drink coffee, but I like the way it smells. I don't smoke, but used to. I thought it looked cool. I still think it looks great, as long as you are less than 22 years old.
I don't remember faces very well, so if I ever introduce myself to you after we have already talked 5 times - I am truly sorry. When I sleep less than 5 hours a day, I can't stop laughing. (This happens a lot on tour) Something happens in my brain where things I say rhyme...
I still laugh out loud when I think of the time in the back of a tour-bus when I dropped a heavy flashlight on David's forehead. I am not sure why it's funny, but it still makes me laugh.
I like the movie "Christiane F" a lot.
I like sewing and making fun dresses.
I love traveling.
I think phony people are great entertainment.
I like when my Japanese friend writes me in english, 'cos I have to read his letters 3 or 4 times to figure out what it is he is trying to say.
I don't like being told what to do and I don't like guys in expensive cars,
.............. I just deleted a few lines about stuff I really don't like, because as a friend once reminded me : "Once you put it up, you can't take it back"....


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Thursday, January 29, 2009

a bit about david

so here is a bit about me....

im %50 German & %50 Norwegian living in long beach. i like guitars, cooking meat and making experimental sauces with fresh herbs from the farmer's market. i am militant about putting the toilet seat down... to a fault, i even do it in public bathrooms (i cant help it, its automatic). i drink apple juice every morning and i like good strong coffee, black. i love new gadgets and prunes, a dangerous combo. also, dark rum. i fall asleep every night listening to audio books. i prefer watching seasons of tv shows to watching movies. if you ask me what i think our new record sounds like i will say this: "the record sounds like the morning after... like laying around all day with the shades drawn, like getting ready to go out and do it all over again."

ps a BIG thanks to everyone who grabbed the 2 preview tracks that came out on Itunes this past tuesday... we have sold more copies of Sad Eyes in one day than any other song! i cant wait for you all to hear the rest of the record!!!

stay gold!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Victoria's day

So today our 2 new songs were released on iTunes, and I am excited that one of them is now the most downloaded Gliss song ever !!

I went to Santa Monica and I went shopping...Well, I tried to go shopping, it didn't work out well. I couldn't find anything I liked... Then I checked out a space to shoot the new video in. That didn't really work out either...

So I went to my Yoga class, and that was great... I am gonna try to go early tomorrow morning again, if I can get up.

Tonight I went to the Echoplex to see Zaza. I liked the projections a lot and the bass player was excellent. I did a video just for you to see !! But as it turns out, I am having trouble uploading it... Just one of those days..

Oh, and I hung out with Bronson again. We might as well move in together :-)

Ok, that's it for my blog. We have a schedule for blogging now. I believe Martin is next. So I have a couple of days to think of something a little more interesting to write about for you next time.

Much love to you all,



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Monday, January 26, 2009

Gadget Alive

i spent all morning taking my phone apart. my friend gave me her old one the other day which is a big upgrade from the old school one i was rocking for the last year and a half. the damn thing practically took two 9 volt batteries. anyways, the speaker on this new one was all distorted and jacked up. she took it to the shop and they said might be able to fix it but it would take a while, but since she needed a phone right then and there, she bought a new one and gave me this old one. so i took it in, and they said that they do not do repairs, and since I didnt have the warranty on this phone, they could not send it in and there was nothing they could do. i went home bummed cause i thought i was back to my old schooler, then i found this amazing web site that not only tells you how to make all kinds of cool projects, but has guides on how to dismantle any gadget or device you can think of. so i looked up the new phone, got out some tools, and stripped the phone down all the way to the bare circuitry, found the speaker issue and put it all back together good as new! feeling like a damn handyman, like i can fix anything! i have a camera somewhere that is broken i might just have to dig that out and fix it too. so if you need something repaired, call up Big D's Gadget Alive: where your device is born again. (800)555-5565.


ps dont forget to go to itunes tomorrow to check out a couple tracks off the upcoming album, "devotion implosion"
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Thursday, January 22, 2009


so i got a promotion copy of the album yesterday and got to see it DONE with all the artwork and everything... looks great and im stoked on it! popped it in on the drive home and checked it out... its a good feeling. ive heard these songs a million times, and heard the finished mixes a thousand times, and heard the mastered and sequenced version a hundred times, but listening to it from the actual cd with artwork and everything in front of me.... AHHHHHHHHH, its a good feeling! im really proud of this thing. i think its our most focused work; sonically, musically, thematically, etc etc. the guitar tones we dialed in on it are insane! did some cool textured, layered noise/feedback stuff too which is always fun. so look for this record to drop soon, early spring, but until then, this tuesday on itunes there will be couple tracks from the album for you to check out! stay tuned to learn about new videos, touring, singles, special releases etc etc! a lot of good things coming in '09!


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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Glasvegas at Amoeba & meeting Carl Barat

Went to Amoeba to see Glasvegas. It was pretty packed, had to park a few blocks south of Sunset Blvd. It didn't seem like Glasvegas was too happy about the sound, they stopped a couple of times. There was some serilous feedback going on, but I am not against that.. I liked it a lot.

After the show we ran into Carl Barat from the Libertines, he was hanging out. Nice bloke..

Much love



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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

GLISS - PASTE Magazine preview !

Hey Kids,

Paste Magazine jumped on the new album tracklisting, plus a sneak-a-peek of some audio

go here:

see you tonite

much love

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

GLISS - LA show & More !

Hello kids and Happy New Year !

We are finished with our new album "Devotion Implosion" which will be coming out very soon.

A few new songs: Anybody Inside & Sad Eyes, will be released at the end of January to preview the keep an eye out for those.

We will be performing many songs from the new record next Tuesday, January 13th @ The Viper Room w/ guests Ida Maria (Norway).

much love always,




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