Thursday, January 22, 2009


so i got a promotion copy of the album yesterday and got to see it DONE with all the artwork and everything... looks great and im stoked on it! popped it in on the drive home and checked it out... its a good feeling. ive heard these songs a million times, and heard the finished mixes a thousand times, and heard the mastered and sequenced version a hundred times, but listening to it from the actual cd with artwork and everything in front of me.... AHHHHHHHHH, its a good feeling! im really proud of this thing. i think its our most focused work; sonically, musically, thematically, etc etc. the guitar tones we dialed in on it are insane! did some cool textured, layered noise/feedback stuff too which is always fun. so look for this record to drop soon, early spring, but until then, this tuesday on itunes there will be couple tracks from the album for you to check out! stay tuned to learn about new videos, touring, singles, special releases etc etc! a lot of good things coming in '09!


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