Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Victoria's day

So today our 2 new songs were released on iTunes, and I am excited that one of them is now the most downloaded Gliss song ever !!

I went to Santa Monica and I went shopping...Well, I tried to go shopping, it didn't work out well. I couldn't find anything I liked... Then I checked out a space to shoot the new video in. That didn't really work out either...

So I went to my Yoga class, and that was great... I am gonna try to go early tomorrow morning again, if I can get up.

Tonight I went to the Echoplex to see Zaza. I liked the projections a lot and the bass player was excellent. I did a video just for you to see !! But as it turns out, I am having trouble uploading it... Just one of those days..

Oh, and I hung out with Bronson again. We might as well move in together :-)

Ok, that's it for my blog. We have a schedule for blogging now. I believe Martin is next. So I have a couple of days to think of something a little more interesting to write about for you next time.

Much love to you all,



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