Monday, February 9, 2009

california pansies

pheeew... happy monday... what a weekend, aye? i still havent recovered from all the fun and parties that were going on. thanks to everyone that came out to our show in the rain on friday at spaceland and all of you who made the trek downtown to our after-party and rocked out until 5 in the morning!! i was loving that you all packed out spaceland even though it was raining! thats amazing and no small feat considering us southern california pansies like nothing more than to lock ourselves indoors at the slightest bit of weather. from what i gathered from some of you that came out, you are digging the new jams which is so good to hear. we've spent a long time working on this record and to get to play some of these new songs for you is always a bit trippy since theyve been so internal for so long, but it felt really good to play a lot of them for the first time on friday... breakin it in!!! here are a few pics from the after-party i managed to take between refills at the keg.



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