Saturday, February 21, 2009

Exploring LA

This week I decided to explore LA again, and not just at night. It is so satisfying to just walk around on my own looking at fun stuff and beautiful people.
One of my favorite places to walk around is Wilshire Blvd right below Rodeo Drive.
It makes me happy to see beautiful young women having lunch with very old men.

And there are so many excellent stores in that area too.
On thursday Taylor and I befriended a couple of different mechanics in Silverlake. Our original plan was to go to Amoeba, which we did end up doing a little later on, but her car decided to stop working a few times..So she took me to see Koko, who is the guy that likes to keep her car for a couple of weeks whenever there is a problem with it. I think he fancies her ;-)

Yesterday I went to West Hollywood to meet with my friend Jes, who is an excellent guitarist and also involved in
Freedom To Dream's focus is to create music schools within 
orphanages to alleviate the boredom, frustration, violence 
and lack of direction these children suffer. Please check it out !
Today we are finishing up the music video for "Morning Light".
If that doesn't take all night, I will be going to an artshow with Conner:
Also, The Cauterized CD release party tonight at the Knitting Factory !
Great band, if you like old school death metal.

Other than that, I am looking forward to the Oscars tomorrow night.
Much love,
Victoria ;-)


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