Monday, March 30, 2009

Straight out of a Bukowski book

Friday night we were home and played at Spaceland. It felt so nice being with our friends, and of course sad to leave...Always..

Yesterday we went to San Jose. For the next 5 weeks we have a little helper with us named Zuhair. He helps us drive and stay organized :-)

We played at Johnny V's last night. If you have been there you know what Im talking about when I say, it's straight out of a Bukowski book. Small, dirty...In fact, when we opened the doors to the bathroom, about 50 small flies came right at us. I was talking to one of the guys from The Takeover UK, he told me that when he went to pee, one the flies landed on his "thing".
Everybody at the bar were so drunk. The sound guy was even asleep at the bar. After about 2 minutes there, I had 3 drunk men yelling at me for about 2 hours, "ladybug" and "heart breaker". It got so bad that the bartender had to rescue me and hide me behind the bar. That ended up being cool, 'cos I discovered they had vinyl, so I ended up DJ'ing all night. I was really excited to find a small cafe up the street called "good karma" , they had amazing vegan food. Not only did they have tofu, they had fake meat and brown rice. I think I was smiling the whole time I was eating.
The show went well and we made some new friends. If you are ever in the area, you should stop by the bar and say hi to the bartender, very rad chick.
Of course we ended up going to bed really late and this morning we have a radio interview in Sacramento. So we had to leave at 9am. That meant I had to get up at 7.30 to have time to work out. The hotel we stayed at had the nicest gym. It was great.
We have so much stuff in our van, there's no room to put my feet anywhere. I am sitting in the back with a box of shirts, 2 computers, a suitcase and 3 bags. But our stereo is working great. We are listening to " The Verve", nice morning music :-)

We'll be on the radio in Sacramento in about 2 hours, if you are in the area and want to listen to 3 spaced out musicians...

Much love,

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

road pics

just got back into town for a few days and am looking forward to getting my hair cut and doing some laundry! rolled into san diego last night to play at the beauty bar and we could feel the california air, and it felt good! so we decided to drive home the 2 or so hours after the show and get an extra night in our beds. i am going to leave you with some highlights of the tour so far in pictures...

road wrecked in oakland at the upland

getting ready in tucson at hotel congress

driving through texas

flat in fort stockton

grumpy bear

victoria and Liela from the Duke Spirit

misc. pics from the road

my buddy E Major guarding my Loco

shrek is all business. i cant tell if bacon wants in on the call or just the photo

rest stop somewhere texas. i was in the stall and read it, then noted the date, which was the day we were there, then i noticed the time which was in 30 min! i had a total dumb and dumber moment!

killer suite on a 18 hole golf resort in scottsdale. full jacuzzi tub, bedroom, kitchen, patio, etc etc.

victoria, who has never really driven is now learning from the best (me). she is a very good student and is doing very well. here is her driving on hwy 8 between pheonix and san diego through some pretty mountainous roads... well done!

phewww... now we are home and going to be playing Spaceland tomorrow, then off on the rest of the tour! we will be done in the middle of june.... see you on the road!


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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gliss at the Golf Resort in Scottsdale AZ

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On the road...

After not getting a lot of sleep for a few days we decided to do it up proper. So we are staying at a golf Resort tonight. You know what that means: NICE BEDS !!!!! And great exercise room... They also have a huge pool with a bar.
But first, we are playing at The Rogue Bar in Scottsdale. We have been there before. It's a perfect small, dirty club. And they have a huge painting of Carl Barat on the wall, I kinda like that :-)
SXSW went by crazy fast. We ended up playing a bunch of parties and I loved it. The only disappointment was missing Tricky friday night. But hanging out with the Duke Spirit made up for it. Leila is rad !

Our label sent us a box of 1000 Gliss promo condoms, we will be passing them all out at our shows, so stop by. David and Martin will show you how they work :-)


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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Naked shitting man

When you are in Texas and have allergies, the tissues won't last long. Sometimes you even have to hide them... This video is featuring our tour-manager Zuhair, stuck in the bathroom without toilet paper or tissues...


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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Spider problem

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Paul McCARTNEY.....and a drunkard


Oakland was rad. Thanks to everybody who showed up. We had a nice time later on at Van Cleef.


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Friday, March 13, 2009

Pissing in the van part 1-3

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

We are going on tour!!!

This week has been busy. Always a million things going on right before a tour. But that's ok.
Monday night I went to the Viper room with some friends to see Restavrant. I realized while I was there, that I had seen them 3 times in one week. But they are cool to watch. Tuesday night I went to Spaceland to see "Efterklang" from Denmark. I met the singer, so I got to practice my danish. I once ran into a danish guy at a club and he told me " Fuck, your danish is bad. You didn't grow up in Denmark did you" !!! So ever since then, I have been practicing. Here's Efterklang at Spaceland:

This afternoon we were practicing and then tearing down all our gear. It took a really long time. It's always a little sad to leave, to me anyways. Well, sad and exciting.. We will actually be back in town a couple of days in March. One of those days will be March 27th when we play at Spaceland. I hope you can make it out to the show. It would be nice to see some friends :-)

Much love,


Here are a couple of pictures of us getting our gear ready:

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Monday, March 9, 2009

free booze *

first off, we got a bunch of shows coming up and we are adding more so keep checking the myspace for the most current up to date show listings. also, if you live in or nearby one of cities we are playing and want to be part of the street team, write us! hey if you rock it, you might get some cool shit out of it, who knows, maybe free tickets to the show, or free drinks, swag or just a pat on the back and our gratitude! either way, not bad for hanging up posters at the places you chill out anyways, so let us know.

have a good week,


*booze subject to availability, 21 and over, void where prohibited.

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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Amplifier Magazine : Gliss review

Gliss is a band that’s eager to share every part of itself with you on its latest release, Devotion Implosion. This über-hip, three-piece act is based out of Los Angeles and sounds like its heart is set on being the unlikely cool kids of twenty-first century rock, much like the Velvet Underground was for its own generation. Devotion Implosion is filled with an unbridled energy that’s powered with hazy distortion and a deep, underlying darkness in its tone. Martin Klingman sings with a desperate desire for emotional release, which constantly emanates through Gliss’ music and makes this band fascinating to listen to. Contributing to the album’s well roundedness is the great range in music, from dark disturbance bordering on melodrama to compact jams that make you want to stop everything and groove, and intricate lyrics that will linger in your mind long after the music ends.

--Margot Buermann [March 2, 2009]

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Parties and Youtube

This week I was busy hanging out with awesome people and in between parties and shows I made sure to spend at least 2 hours a day watching Marilyn Manson videos on Youtube. I am obsessed with the video for "This is the new shit".
Saturday I met up with my friend Leah and after walking around in Hollywood and laughing at places I have lived (read: creepy hotels) we decided to go play pool. (see photo: Leah organizing the balls)
None of us know how to play, so we made up our own rules. I can't talk about our pool experience, it would be too embarrassing.
Sunday I went with Martin to see Nick Jago at Spaceland. That guy has the raddest look ever.It was a really good night. I also saw Walter, the famous door man :-)
Monday I went back to Spaceland, this time with Jake and Conner. And of course I hung out with Kevin Bronson, we always run into each other. I think I am going to The Bar in Hollywood tomorrow and maybe even thursday. Come out !!!
Much love,


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New Music Review: Gliss - Devotion Implosion

Almost two years after their debut, Love the Virgins, Gliss has returned with another album of lush shoegazed nebulae and crushing wall of squall discord, Devotion Implosion. Featuring such powerhouses as the electric shudders and bruised psychocandy melodies of “Morning Light” and the lovely, seductive ringing of “Lovers in the Bathroom,” Implosion is already on the shortlist of our favorite music of 2009 (even if we’re only three months in and the disc doesn’t officially drop until April 7th, via Cordless Recordings…), thanks to its blissed-out harmonies, crackling guitar work and detached, fractured beauty. So give your ears a treat and stream the aforementioned “Morning Light” along with the stutter-rock cool of “Anybody Inside,” and make sure to pick up Devotion Implosionnext month.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

I like my ladies mature...

So I finally found a place to do my laundry. As most of you saw on my blog last week, we had an incident in the laundry room in my building. I didnt have any clean clothes for about a week, kinda like being on tour...
Today I decided to take it real easy and just surf the internet for some ladies.
I know it's gonna sound funny, but Im kinda diggin' on the older ladies right now.
I found this one sweet pic earlier today, and just can't get her out of my mind.
Im not sure if its a Long Beach kinda thing, but I dont think anything's wrong with old lady fetish. It's natural !
I will be bloggin' again on thursday.


Big D aka the ladies man


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