Tuesday, March 3, 2009

New Music Review: Gliss - Devotion Implosion

Almost two years after their debut, Love the Virgins, Gliss has returned with another album of lush shoegazed nebulae and crushing wall of squall discord, Devotion Implosion. Featuring such powerhouses as the electric shudders and bruised psychocandy melodies of “Morning Light” and the lovely, seductive ringing of “Lovers in the Bathroom,” Implosion is already on the shortlist of our favorite music of 2009 (even if we’re only three months in and the disc doesn’t officially drop until April 7th, via Cordless Recordings…), thanks to its blissed-out harmonies, crackling guitar work and detached, fractured beauty. So give your ears a treat and stream the aforementioned “Morning Light” along with the stutter-rock cool of “Anybody Inside,” and make sure to pick up Devotion Implosionnext month.

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