Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Parties and Youtube

This week I was busy hanging out with awesome people and in between parties and shows I made sure to spend at least 2 hours a day watching Marilyn Manson videos on Youtube. I am obsessed with the video for "This is the new shit".
Saturday I met up with my friend Leah and after walking around in Hollywood and laughing at places I have lived (read: creepy hotels) we decided to go play pool. (see photo: Leah organizing the balls)
None of us know how to play, so we made up our own rules. I can't talk about our pool experience, it would be too embarrassing.
Sunday I went with Martin to see Nick Jago at Spaceland. That guy has the raddest look ever.It was a really good night. I also saw Walter, the famous door man :-)
Monday I went back to Spaceland, this time with Jake and Conner. And of course I hung out with Kevin Bronson, we always run into each other. I think I am going to The Bar in Hollywood tomorrow and maybe even thursday. Come out !!!
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