Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Ritual de la Habitual

It's wednesday night at 3 am in North Carolina. I am exhausted and hungry. Not a good combination.
The only thing that's keeping me sane right at this moment is Jane's addiction " Ritual de la Habitual". I'm sure our hotel neighbors don't agree..
The last few shows have been cool, but it's all a big blur at this point.It's a bunch of driving and room numbers...Too tired to sleep..
Here we are hanging out in North Carolina:

Hanging out by the venue:

After our show in North Carolina, we went up the street to catch The Kills. Amazing show !

Lunch and a very good time with friends:

I'm gonna try to sleep.....
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Sunday, April 26, 2009


We are now on our way out of Florida. We were here thursday, friday and saturday. It was really amazing, for sure the best part of the tour so far. Huge crowds and great parties, and of course amazing weather. I loved being by the water finally.
And I saw a baby gator: ( don't tell me it isn't a gator ! )

Cruising on a boat in Jacksonville:

Saturday we made it to Miami Beach and it was so amazing. I had cuban food, hung out at the beach and visited Versace's mansion, where I had a $15 juice ! (it was good )

And this is what the guys were doing:

While I was walking around by the beach I saw this killer old car, so when I got back to the van I said " I saw this killer old Buick", and the guys have been teasing me ever since, for saying that. According to them, those words have never before come out of a person's mouth - under the age of 80... But here is the "killer old Buick" :

I was really looking forward to seeing some alligators, and we found out that to go from Miami to Tampa, you go through "alligator alley", so I thought I was all set. We started driving, and...I FELL ASLEEP AND MISSED THE WHOLE THING !!!!!
I guess I will have to come back :-)
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Album: Devotion Implosion (Cordless)
In stores: Now
Why we care: In a fuzzy, buzzy, under-the-radar way, the Jesus and Mary Chain were one of the most influential bands to spring from the ’80s. The Scottish noise-rockers excelled at feedback-slathered ’60s jangle — think the Ronettes backed by a psychedelic trio. Hot new bands the Raveonettes, Glasvegas and now L.A. trio Gliss all are disciples.
Why we like it: Gliss — Martin Klingman, David Reiss and femme fatale Victoria Cecilia — also sound inspired by coked-kids ’80s flick Less Than Zero, the gumshoe noir of Raymond Chandler and the fishnet punk-pop of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Raymond Chandler meets Andrew McCarthy meets Karen O? I’m in love.
Reminds us of: Farewell, My Lusty
Download this: Morning Light (that's the song above)
Grade: A
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Gliss at Paste

Yesterday we did a show for Paste Magazine in Atlanta. It will be up on their website soon. After the performance we had lunch and did an interview. Then off to the club, The Drunken Unicorn, for load-in. There was a pretty rad bar in the parking lot. We hung out there all night until we had to play. It was great so many people showed up on a monday night. Even a friend we met 3 years ago in London showed up. Surprised...

By the time we were back at the hotel it started raining - a lot !!!!!

We hear it's about 100 degrees in LA, so this video is for our friends back home:
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Man in the wild

Martin lights a fire with a swedish flint - Bear Grylls, eat your heart out:
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Gliss live in Pittsburgh

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A night in Printer Alley in Nashville

After our show in Atlanta, we were told to go hang out in Printers Alley, downtown. That worked out great, kuz it was right down the street from our hotel. We could actually see Printers Alley from our room. We were on the 16th floor at the Sheraton. It was really nice. Printers Alley had 'Nude Karaoke" which we, of course, hit first. David did a cover of a Cat Stevens song. No comment.
Then we found the coolest little bar, Bourbon street Blues Bar :
They had a rad blues band playing, and it was almost 2am and absolutely NO DRUGS involved. (We had already gotten rid of those a mile before the Ohio Canine drug checkpoint)

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Head cheese is not cheese ya'll....

Went out for dinner and ended up at a mexican restaurant down the street. Being vegan on the road is almost impossible, but tonight I am glad I say no to any kind of cheese. Because, I did not know that head cheese is not actually cheese...
I took a picture of the menu, because I thought the word "head cheese" sounded funny and made me think of a special friend of the band. Then I got curious and googled it:
Head cheese is in fact not a cheese, but meat slices in aspic, with onion, black pepper, allspice, bayleaf, salt and or vinegar, from the head of a calf or pig (sometimes a sheep or cow). It may also include meat from the feet, tongue and heart.

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Driving through Tennessee in the rain

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Chicago and Pittsburgh

We went back to Chicago to do a private showcase for an ad agency. It went well. The company is really old, and they say that "Madmen" is based on stories from this company. I believe it. It was really awesome ! We played on one of the top floors. Check out the view:

The next day we went to Pittsburgh. We got there early, so we walked around the city for a couple of hours.

And of course some interesting signs:

The Pittsburgh show was off the hook. Sold out. We like that :-)
I was in charge of the merch table, check out how proper it looks:

I will upload concert video and pictures from last night as well.



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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Gliss and Mastadon in Kansas

It is tuesday morning and we are on our way to Saint Louis. We are listening to "Souvlaki" (slowdive), perfect morning music, when you are really spaced out and not sure how you are feeling.
Last night we played in Lawrence, Kansas. I didn't expect it to be very exciting to be honest. But I was so wrong. First thing I discovered when we pulled up, was the Mastadon show right across the street. Our set was scheduled to begin at 11.30pm, so that left me with plenty of time to go enjoy a proper metal show. It has been probably a year since I have been to a metal show, so I was really happy. I was right in the front, between giant speakers that were taller than me and big sweaty men in black clothes. I fit right in, 'cos I had borrowed David's fresh black hoodie, he had just washed that afternoon. By the time I left the show, that hoodie smelled like a sweaty man. (David doesn't know this yet...He will know when he reads this blog..haha..)
As soon as Mastadon finished, I ran across the street and played a set. Well, almost a set. The sound system crashed, so we only played a few songs. Our amps were still working though, so we just jammed for awhile and made as much noise as we could. That was fun... Especially because I got a new bass yesterday !!!! Hollow body...You know what that means : FEEDBACK !!!!!!!!! YEAhhhh !!!!!!

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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Perverts and expensive food

It's saturday morning and we are leaving Minneapolis. This week has been real intense with some serious driving. We are all very tired. We are looking for any kind of entertainment to keep us going, such as the chain of gas stations called "Kum and go".

Minneapolis was pretty cool. Wild girls in that town and a few perverts. Favorite quote so far : " You are so hot up there, I nearly jerked off". ( true story )
We were so spaced out and lazy, we just hung out in the alley all night with our gear.

Dinner was interesting. Our tour manager Zuhair convinced me to eat at Jimmy John's, which is a famous sandwich shop. But it turned out to be the most disgusting sandwich I have ever had. They must have put half a jar of mayo in that sandwich. I felt sick for at least 30 minutes. So I went shopping. marty and David ate at the venue. David ordered a burger. It did not come with anything, so he asked for mayo, lettuce and tomato. Turns out each of those items were considered a side item, so their 2 burgers ended up costing them $25. They were pissed !

We stayed at The Hyatt last night, the whole 6th floor was a giant gym. Here's the view from our room on the 16th floor.

We are keeping with the theme and staying at The Hyatt again tonight - in Chicago.
We should be there in about 7 hours.
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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

In colorado

The last few days have been difficult to get through. We have been getting up early in the morning and driving all day, then we'd do a show, then drive again after the show. Last night we drove until 6am, then got up again at 11 to go to Denver, Co.
A lot of mountain driving. There is snow everywhere. We still have 4 more hours to go today. We have a radio interview tonight at 7pm , we are running late for.
our cell phones aren't working up here in the mountains...

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

KEXP in Seattle

After spending 3 or 4 days in Portland we made it to Seattle. We did KEXP this morning and now we are staying at a friend's house.
It was nice and sunny today. I went to a nice park in the afternoon, while the guys were sleeping and David was working on his phone.

The last day in Portland we went downtown to the famous donut shop: Voodoo Donuts.
They have ALL donuts, including the bacon donut and the 'cock and balls' donut. They were out of the 'cock and balls' unfortunately, I was looking forward to taking a picture of it.
Next to the donut shop is the Paris Theater. We were told if you go in, you have to have sex on the stage, or they will kick you out. I don't know if it's true or not, but the people telling the story were very convincing.
This week we have a few 12 hour drives, we are not looking forward to that. But one thing we are looking forward to, is getting our vinyl. They are sending it to our hotel in Nebraska.
Tonight we are playing at El Corazon and then we are off to Spokane.

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Gliss in Portland

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Friday, April 3, 2009

BlueBalls and PissBoners

San Francisco was so awesome - as always. We were staying in Noe Valley with our friend, and ended up spending the whole afternoon at the bar. It was sweet.

Outside area in the back - 3 levels, real chill ...A lot like being back in Camden.

The venue was odd though. It looked like a giant pirate ship, but as one of the photographers said "fuck the sound, it's a good place to party". And so we did...

Today we had to drive to Portland. Driving ALL DAY !!! Oregon is beautiful. Huge mountains with snow and lots of lakes,

Right now we are about 2 hours from Portland. It's dark out and we are so spaced out. So to stay awake we are playing insanely loud music. Marty is DJ'ing, so we are listening to Beastie Boys and music from the late 90's. Its fun. When Zuhair is driving we listen to Mountain Goats.
When me and David are in the front we listen to Missy Elliott, 50 Cent, Timbaland, Eminem and anything else with cool beats..... Which can be difficult when driving. They always tell me (yell at me) " focus on the road - NOT DANCING"
But who can sit still when listening to Timbaland, really?

David got mad respect at Burger King earlier. We are all 4 sitting inside eating. All of a sudden David goes " I can rip one that would be sooo loud right now", so of course we are like "do it dude". So he goes "I am totally spreading my ass cheeks right now, so my hole is touching the plastic chair", and then he just went for it. And believe me, it was loud. All the retired couples at the other tables were laughing at him. It was so disgusting. The plastic chair was hollow and sort of acted as a speaker.

Oh, and in case Matty is reading this, you might want to know that the guys mentioned " Matty" and "Tuna Can" a few times today..... I believe it's called Bromance. On that subject, earlier today I am in the front seat with Zuhair, and I hear Marty and David laughing and turn around, and this is what's going on: David is holding his hands up facing each other, forming a hole, while Marty is sliding a banana in and out...

Yes, good times.... And now it's raining.

It's interesting being the only girl around a group of guys. You really get to know a few things. Very entertaining.Today I have certainly learned about blue balls and waking up with a "piss boner"....

Ok, that's probably enough for today....


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