Friday, May 29, 2009

Chillin' in Austin

Today we got up around 12.30pm. We just couldn't fall asleep last night. The phones kept ringing and we kept talking. But finally we went to bed. We all had crazy dreams, I believe David had dreams of the "artwork" in the greenroom:

When we woke up this "morning" we just wanted to have a great day. We met up with The Boxing Lesson at 2pm to pick up the rest of our gear at Emo's. There was still some blood on the sidewalk.

And some bullet holes. They said there were between 18-30 of those:

After getting the rest of our gear from the club, we went to Bouldin Creek for breakfast. They have amazing vegan food, and I also had an excellent spirulina drink.

After breakfast we drove back to the hotel to park the van and then walked around for a bit. This is at the hotel:

Here we are at a tattoo shop where they have pictures of us. A local artist painted us. That was fun to see:

After walking around, taking a nap and swimming at the hotel, we decided to go eat dinner at Mighty Cones.

And then it was time for Jaylinn and Paul to go home to their cute cute kitties:

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