Monday, June 1, 2009

A four-wheeled adventure

We ended up driving all the way to El Paso last night. Unfortunately we ended up at a shitty hotel and didn't get a lot of sleep. The good thing is, we were off today, so we slept all afternoon. Then went to the store to get some food. Once again finding healthy food was a challenge. They did have a "health and diet section", see picture ! And do notice what is in that section; cake and cookies and crackers..

There is nothing going on in El Paso. I have been bored all day. The most exciting thing today was my fortune cookie message:

Oh, and I found "Amadeus" in a store today. One of my favorite movies. So that's what I will be watching tonight. We are playing here in El Paso tomorrow night and then we go to Tucson. In Tucson we meet up with our old TM and driver Zuhair. He is flying out to Tucson to drive us home wednesday night after our show at Plush. We are doing a performance the next morning in LA for Yahoo. Should be fun. Cannot wait to be back home, although it will only be for 2 days. Then we go up the west coast for a few more shows. We will be back home again around the 13th - and 2 weeks off !!!!
I am making a schedule in my head, so far it is : spa treatment, lunch at mao's kitchen and a trip to Malibu.
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Blogger Evan Islam said...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Gliss,

I finally got your review posted on our site. Feel free to share it with your fans and friends.

Give us a shout when you're in NYC, too.


Dusty Wright

July 31, 2009 at 7:04 AM  

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