Saturday, July 4, 2009

London day 1

We are back in London.It feels great, despite of some serious jetlag. We arrived friday morning at 7am and went straight to a hotel at the airport to sleep.

This morning we took the Heathrow Connect train to Paddington:

The guys found a new little friend while we were waiting for the train. Very cute.

Then from Paddington we got a cab to the apartment in bayswater:


The apartment is amazing. It's a 2 story "flat", as they call it here. The livingroom has 6 of my favorite chair:

Andy is here too:

The upstairs is really nice:

The balcony:

It's almost noon. I have been awake since 1.30am. A bit of jetlag :-)
We are waiting for our tour manager to show up with the splitter, so we can pick up our gear at the storage unit. Our first show is tonight.
More pictures later. Very happy to be back in London.
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