Friday, August 21, 2009


After Pittsburgh we drove all the way to Dallas to do a show at Club Dada with The Start and TBL. Turns out the club didn't bother to open. So all bands and fans were standing outside on the sidewalk. An email or a phone call would have been nice..

Fortunately there was a rad tattoo shop across the street, so Klingman didn't waste any time:

On our way to Austin the next day, I made the guys stop at Willie's Place.

For those of you who do not know, Willie Nelson has his own "gas-station". It's bio-diesel, and its called bio-Willie. Anyways, the store is full of fun WN stuff, and there's a pretty big theater in the back.

Finally arrived in Austin. It was so hot !!!

Fun times in Austin. One of the wildest audiences thus far. If anyone has pictures of the girls dancing on stage, I know a couple of guys that would like a copy.


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