Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Edinburgh Day 1

We have been in Edinburgh for a couple of days. It's a great city, very old and very haunted. I haven't seen anything spooky, except David in the morning, but we took a guided tour of the city today ( yeah dorks ) and they told us about the witch burnings and all the haunted scary places. I will put together a video of the tourist stuff later.
It's insanely cold ! My plan tomorrow, when we get to Glasgow, is finding a pair of gloves. Being European you'd think I would be well prepared for this weather... But I'm not. I am always the one without a jacket, in a t-shirt, begging the guys to borrow some of their warm clothes. They both have 2 jackets on this trip!!!
After walking around Edinburgh all day, I went straight to bed and passed out. Unfortunately that means I am now very awake and everybody else is asleep.
Here's a video from our first night here: video


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