Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Hair Bear PART 4

2.12pm Driving to Turin:
The Hair recapturing his dislike of italian toilets "My biggest concern if I shit in those holes is, Im gonna shit straight into my pants"

The Hair gets angry because someone is skatting on the radio " I hate when they do that, cos they are really just admitting to not being able to play the trumpet"

7.30PM At restaurant in Turin
Starring confused at the italian menu
"I have got a whole slew of questions"

7.45Pm Still at restaurant
"No more bruschetta for me"

8.30PM At restaurant
The Hair declines Faris' offer of drinking 2 cups of oil for 350 euros!!

4.28am Driving to Switzerland
The Hair breaks 2 hours of complete silence
" Do you really think Faris would have given me 350 euros to drink that oil?"

.............To be continued..........
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