Monday, November 23, 2009

Zuhair BLOG 5

11.56 pm Driving somewere in Germany, with no time to stop, Marty goes " I had to piss in your juice bottle"..The Hair just awoke from a nap on the back seat of the van and says "oh"...

1.19PM Germany
Upon realizing we are cutting it real close on the time frame, The Hair says:
"I'm a little worried that at some point I'm gonna have to take a dump"

1.25PM Still driving through Germany
"The only reason I go tup early this morning was so I could go take a shit"

11.30PM Dinner with the promoters in Germany:
After calling Victoria an angel, he continues: " ou can write that in your blog, so I dont look like a complete dip shit", followed by " Oh man, Im gonna have to fucking stop getting drunk around you guys"

1am The Reeperbahn - Hamburg
The Hair says with a serious look in his eyes:
" If we are going to a titty bar, Im gonna need my gloves"

2am The reeperbahn - Hamburg
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