Monday, November 30, 2009

Zuhair blog number 8 !!!

8.21 PM Back from the bathroom at Italian rest stop:

"So check this out, I think they just opened, and I might have been the first one to take a shit in there. That was the cleanest toilet I have shat in on this whole trip. I just wanted to sit in there and enjoy it"

1PM Lyon
"Everytime I say something around you guys, I immediately regret it"

1.24PM Driving through Lyon
"I don't really know anything about geography"

Paris France:
" you know how I know I'm gonna be able to shit? When we were out there talking to those girls I tried to drop a fart, and a shit almost came out"

11PM Paris
The Hair is asked for an autograph by french fan who looks at him in amazement and says "I was wondering...Is this Hair real?"
The Hair signs his name "SHIT!"

11.53 Paris
Looking for food - really hundgry!
" I'll eat a pizza, I dont fucking care. I already took a shit"

1.30am at "Magic" in Paris:
Disappointed by "the show" The Hair says:
" I'm gonna go to the bathroom, I might as well. I can give myself a show. I will lean over and watch it come out of my butt. I gotta get my 20 euros worth!

2am: The Hair gets a well fitting slogan:

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