Sunday, March 21, 2010

The fun continues

I had so much fun on thursday that I couldn't let it end there. So friday I decided to go to the Schindler House. It was peaceful and beautiful. I stayed til they closed, the whole time pretending it was my place. This is my room:

It was such a nice warm day, and I stayed out for awhile, walking everywhere..
Saturday was even better. Started off with a trip to Santa Monica. I went to the farmers market and got carrots. Then I walked down to the beach and looked at the mountains and the water, and read a book. Then I visited my friends before leaving for a lomography class.. Hopefully the pictures will come out alright. Realized halfway through the roll, I had it set kinda wrong.
My friends are here all the way from Scotland. They are in a great band called Glasvegas, if you don't know them yet, you will soon. Check them out on Youtube. They are lovely:

The lomography class was so interesting. We all walked around West Hollywood and took random pictures. If my pictures come out alright, I will post some later this week.

Today I went to LACMA for some classical music and a bit of art. A bit of Andy Warhol.... First time I saw the soup can picture in person :-)

When all that was over, what could possibly make the night better..?? oh yeah...Yogurtland!~ It was good....
And now it's time for some Twin Peaks...long overdue.....


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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thursday in LA

It's rare I feel like this, but today was epic! There wasn't one thing I disliked about today. When does that ever happen? And why am I writing about this you may think...Well...Just to let you guys know we are still alive. We are demoing, but that doesn't mean I don't have stories from the road, ya'll////
I have LA road stories..
Got up really early this morning ( that means before noon) to talk to someone in London. That was nice. Then I decided to go to the Hammer Museum, because I had promised myself I would go somewhere I had never been before. It was really peaceful, and I loved the book store. I checked out the Rachel Whiteread drawings. I didn't get it at all. But I LOVED the Rembrandt prints.

The Hammer Museum is free every thursday, so go!!! I also found out that the real RED BOOK by Carl Jung will be at the museum in April. I will be back for that.
Then I walked around Westwood for awhile. Discovered a killer little vintage store, I didn't know about. It was called "thank you mart". (
I walked down Robertson and enjoyed all the beautiful cars and the beautiful people. I touched several designer purses on my trip down Robertson, but did not buy!!! Checked out some galleries and learned about the West Hollywood artwalk, which I had no idea existed. The artwalk is March 26th+27th. I am going. If you go to the Rebecca Molayem Gallery on the 26th you can see artist Melanie Van Latum create an original canvas street painting. That sounds like fun to me.
After Robertson I went to the Bodhi Tree. I have not been there in years. Turns out they have a copy of Jung's red book. It's on display, so you can just go in there and read it for a couple of hours. Pretty cool, because then you dont have to buy it. It's $200!
Later I had a meeting at Dominicks Restaurant on Beverly. I had never been there before, but it's really chill. I will for sure be back there again. I met so many interesting people today...What a trip... This weekend will be great. Ariel Pink on saturday!!! Free concert sunday night at LACMA !! And of course a million other things. Now I'm gonna go to bed and read Carl Jung.


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