Sunday, March 21, 2010

The fun continues

I had so much fun on thursday that I couldn't let it end there. So friday I decided to go to the Schindler House. It was peaceful and beautiful. I stayed til they closed, the whole time pretending it was my place. This is my room:

It was such a nice warm day, and I stayed out for awhile, walking everywhere..
Saturday was even better. Started off with a trip to Santa Monica. I went to the farmers market and got carrots. Then I walked down to the beach and looked at the mountains and the water, and read a book. Then I visited my friends before leaving for a lomography class.. Hopefully the pictures will come out alright. Realized halfway through the roll, I had it set kinda wrong.
My friends are here all the way from Scotland. They are in a great band called Glasvegas, if you don't know them yet, you will soon. Check them out on Youtube. They are lovely:

The lomography class was so interesting. We all walked around West Hollywood and took random pictures. If my pictures come out alright, I will post some later this week.

Today I went to LACMA for some classical music and a bit of art. A bit of Andy Warhol.... First time I saw the soup can picture in person :-)

When all that was over, what could possibly make the night better..?? oh yeah...Yogurtland!~ It was good....
And now it's time for some Twin Peaks...long overdue.....


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